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Discover our exclusive reading group goodies like discussion guides, author interviews, food and drink suggestions, playlists, and more. The newest kit is for The Joy of Missing Out by Tonya Dalton!



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We believe in the power of reading, the importance of literacy,
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as readers are. Being Bookish is part of our identity,
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2020 Virtual Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of many author tours, bookstore events, and conferences. Here’s a list of virtual events readers can attend.


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Take a peek at the books the NetGalley team is reading right now.

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Cover Love

Truth time: We judge books by their covers. But we know we’re not the only ones!
Here are our favorites this month–plus the top voted cover by NetGalley members.

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Author Interview

“I’ve often felt that it’s harder to write a happy ending than a tragic ending, and I suppose that quote [“happiness is a radical act”] is part of the reason why. It shouldn’t be, but happiness is subversive”
–Alisha Rai on Girl Gone Viral


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