NetGalley Tools All Book Advocates Should Know About

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The NetGalley team is dedicated to offering members the resources they need to stay organized and be the best book advocates they can be. Here are a few of our favorite member tools that you may not know about, and a brand new!


Check a book’s format before requesting
Make an informed decision before requesting a book by checking the Available on NetGalley section at the bottom of a book’s description. Here you’ll see the download formats: NetGalley Shelf app, Kindle, and Download. Note: the NetGalley Shelf app is the exclusive way to listen to audiobooks made available on NetGalley! Read more about the reading options here.


Withdraw a request
Publishers want NetGalley members to be thoughtful about the books they request, but we understand that mistakes happen. Maybe you went on a requesting spree, maybe you requested a book before realizing how packed your review schedule was. For times when you request in error, you can withdraw that request without any impact on your Feedback Ratio or Profile. Just note: If you withdraw a pending request you will not have the ability to re-request, even if it changes to Read Now.


Organize books into Lists
You can create custom lists of any books or audiobooks on NetGalley! Use Your Lists to help manage your TBR and review schedule, reach your reading goals for the year, organize books you’re interested in purchasing or reading later, or even just track which books you’ve wished for. When you visit your NetGalley account, you’ll see Your Lists in the upper left corner of your Dashboard. You can click to create a new list or view all of your current lists. Learn more about Lists here

And don’t forget, you can also…


Create custom collections in the NetGalley Shelf App
This tool is perfect for organizing the books you’ve been approved for. Visit the My Books section of the app and click Filter (for iOS devices) or the top menu (for Android devices). Click on Collections and you’ll be prompted to create a new list. From there, simply long-tap on book covers in the app to add them to your new Collection. You can create Collections for books you want to read each month, books in your review queue, books you’ve submitted Feedback for already, and more!


Customize your NetGalley browsing experience with light or dark mode
The wait is over—dark mode is here! Dark mode is a setting that helps reduce eye strain and provides better contrast, which improves readability. It also helps reduce energy consumption and increases battery life—just one of many steps we’re taking to improve accessibility on NetGalley! Enable dark mode by visiting the menu in the top left corner on mobile or through the arrow next to your Profile on desktop. 


Subscribe to NetGalley emails
Subscribing to NetGalley emails is a great way to stay on track with your reviewing and to be kept in the loop about upcoming books and book advocate resources.

You can indicate your interest in your favorite Categories and Topics in your Profile to ensure you receive relevant newsletters about books you’re interested in (some even include exclusive access!).

Stay organized with NetGalley’s Weekly Checklist Email. Each week you’ll receive a custom email from NetGalley letting you know if you have any books ready to be downloaded and the number of books on your Shelf that are ready for Feedback. It’s a helpful reminder and gives you the chance to prioritize what you read and review as you plan your upcoming week.


Is there a tool or resource you’d like to see on NetGalley?
Submit your suggestions here!

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