Reach Your #NetGalleyGoals with Bingo!

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Want a fun way to reach your #NetGalleyGoals? Tackle your TBR pile and boost your NetGalley stats with NetGalley Bingo!


How to Play

—NetGalley Bingo will run from July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021.

—Each book or action can only be used for a single square on the board. For example, you cannot use the same book for both “Five-star read” and “Share a review to a retail site.”

—To score a bingo, you must complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row of five squares.

—Each prompt is open to your interpretation. For example, the “Raise your Feedback Ratio” prompt can mean that you raised it to the recommended 80% or simply that you went up a percentage.


Download your NetGalley Bingo card below and share your progress with us and your fellow book advocates by using #NetGalleyBingo on social media. Your board may even be featured on the NetGalley Instagram! Be sure to subscribe to the We Are Bookish newsletter for helpful tips and tricks for scoring a bingo all summer long.

#NetGalleyBingo Prompts

Update your Profile

Five-star read

Author you’ve read before

Review the oldest book on your Shelf

Listen Now audiobook

Requested based on the cover

Raise your Feedback Ratio

Outside your comfort zone

Listened in NetGalley Shelf app

BIPOC author

LGBTQ+ main character

Reviewed right after finishing

Free space

Publishing in 2022

Add Publisher to favorites

Follow NetGalley on social media

Listened while outside

Read Now book

Share a review to a retail site

Friend picks what you’ll read

New-to-you audiobook narrator

Highly-anticipated book

Use a quote in a review

Green cover

Post a review to Instagram

Hint: Check out our NetGalley Tips series to help with some of the bingo prompts! We especially recommend these: 

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