32 Highly-Anticipated Books Hitting Shelves in 2023

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2023 may still be over a month away, but it’s never too early to start planning next year’s TBR pile! Here’s a roundup of some highly-anticipated books hitting shelves next year. Many are even available for request on NetGalley and to read in the NetGalley Shelf app!

Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn

Contemporary Romance readers, don’t miss out on this tale of a personal assistant using her teenage diary to restart her life and falling in love with her grumpy roommate along the way.

Dust Child by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai

From the author of The Mountains Sing, this novel brings the past and present together through alternating points of view as characters grapple with the choices they made during the Vietnam War.

Exiles by Jane Harper

Aaron Falk returns this January with a case set in South Australian wine country, where a mother disappeared during a festival, leaving her baby behind and unanswered questions.

Seven Faceless Saints by M.K. Lobb

This YA fantasy debut transports readers to the city of Ombrazia, where Rossana Lacertosa is joining the rebellion to take down the ruling saints after the murder of her father.

Camp Zero by Michelle Min Sterling

Climate change survivors trek to northern Canada in this near-future dystopian tale. Rose arrives at Camp Zero to spy on an architect, only to learn there’s far more to the place than she ever realized.

Liar City by Allie Therin

The first in a new queer urban fantasy romance series introduces readers to an empath who consults for the police and a government agent who must join forces to catch a serial killer.

Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati

Readers who love Greek mythology retellings will want this book at the top of their TBRs so they can follow Clytemnestra as she seeks revenge against those who have wronged her.

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto

When a body appears in Vera Wong’s tea shop, she calls the cops and then swipes a vital piece of evidence. With the help of the mysterious flash drive, she decides to find the killer herself.

No Boy Summer by Amy Spalding

The Jones sisters swear off boys for the summer in this queer YA novel. The pact brings the two closer together, but what happens when one of them falls for Fran, an aspiring filmmaker?

Some Desperate Glory by Emily Tesh

Engage hyperdrive, readers. Early reviews promise you’ll fly through this queer dark space opera—about a warrior raised to avenge the destruction of planet Earth—at the speed of light!

Radiant Sin by Katee Robert

Katee Robert’s steamy Dark Olympus series continues with a modern retelling of Apollo and Cassandra featuring a fake relationship for a week-long party that sparks very real feelings.

The Social Climber by Amanda Pellegrino

All of Eliza Bennett’s hard work is paying off as she prepares to marry into ​​Graham Walker’s elite world. But secrets from her past start to come out and threaten everything she’s built.

Liar, Dreamer, Thief by Maria Dong

This debut blends an exploration of mental health alongside a gripping thriller. Katrina’s obsession with her coworker takes a turn when she realizes he’s been watching her too.

Promise Boys by Nick Brooks

In this YA mystery, three teens are labeled prime suspects after the murder of their prep school principal. J.B., Ramón, and Trey have to work together to catch a killer before they’re arrested.

The Foxglove King by Hannah Whitten

When her ability to raise the dead is discovered, Lore is taken by a group of warrior-monks to serve the Sainted King in this fantasy series starter from the author of For the Wolf.

Midnight Duet by Jen Comfort

Does it get any better than a contemporary Phantom of the Opera retelling starring a glam rock Christof Daae and former star Erika Greene looking to reinvent herself after an accident? Not in my book!

River Sing Me Home by Eleanor Shearer

In the aftermath of the Emancipation Act of 1834, a woman travels from Barbados into the forest of British Guiana and then to Trinidad to find the children who had been taken from her.

Last Seen in Lapaz by Kwei Quartey

For her latest case, private investigator Emma Djan accepts a dangerous undercover job in order to find a missing Nigerian high schooler lured away from her family by sex traffickers.

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

Grumpy ivy league professor Julian Vos feels torn between thoughts of his new neighbor and the mysterious woman who left him a secret admirer letter—not realizing they’re one and the same.

Queen Bee by Amalie Howard

Lady Ela is out for revenge in this Regency-era YA novel. Disguising herself as an heiress, she infiltrates the London ton. But her plans threaten to crumble when she bumps into the marquess she loves.

The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older

Investigator Mossa’s search for a missing man on Jupiter leads her to the door of her ex-girlfriend, an Earth scholar. Together they set out to crack the case in this sci-fi mystery.

Behind the Scenes by Karelia Stetz-Waters

Rose Josten’s life is good, but she can’t help feel like something is missing. When Ash Stewart enters her life, needing Rose’s business guidance for her film career, things start to click into place.

Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea by Rita Chang-Eppig

Historical fiction fans craving high-seas adventures will want to request this look at Shek Yeung, China’s legendary pirate queen, and her fight to command the South China Seas.

Graveyard of Lost Children by Katrina Monroe

Olivia Dahl’s pregnancy should be a joyous thing. Instead, it brings back memories of her own childhood—raised by a more haunted by visions who believed that Olivia was a changeling.

She Is a Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran

In this YA horror novel, Jade Nguyen realizes she’s the only one who sees the danger lurking in the home that her father is restoring—leaving it up to her to save her family before the house destroys them.

Ana María and The Fox by Liana De la Rosa

Talk about a stunner of a cover! This Victorian romance follows a Mexican heiress newly in London and a British politician who enter into a marriage of convenience. 

The Last Beekeeper by Julie Carrick Dalton

Sasha Severn returns to her family farm in search of her father’s missing research, which she thinks is connected to the extinct honeybee, and instead finds a group of squatters who become family.

The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty

Shannon Chakraborty, author of the Daevabad Trilogy, returns next year with a fantasy novel about a pirate on the brink of retirement, who agrees to one last job (for a steep price, of course).

The Angel Maker by Alex North

The murder of an esteemed professor leads Detective Laurence Page back to two cold cases: an attack on a teenager and the acts of a serial killer who some believed can see into the future.

Bitter Medicine by Mia Tsai

Romance and fantasy collide in this novel about Elle, a Chinese immortal hiding her true powers from a dangerous brother, and Luc, a French elf on a quest to break a curse he placed years ago.

We Don’t Swim Here by Vincent Tirado

In this YA horror novel, there’s a gorgeous lake at the heart of the rural Hillwoods and new-to-town Bronwyn can’t figure out why the locals whisper warnings to stay away from it.

The Foreign Exchange by Veronica G. Henry

The second installment in the Mambo Reina mystery series finds Vodou priestess Reina Dumond picking up her amateur detective cap once more when a friend is in trouble.

What books are at the top of your 2023 TBR?

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