31 Highly-Anticipated Books Hitting Shelves in 2024

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2024 may still be a month away, but it’s never too early to start planning next year’s TBR pile! Here’s a roundup of some highly-anticipated books hitting shelves next year. Many are even available for request on NetGalley and to read in the NetGalley Shelf app!

How We Named the Stars by Andrés N. Ordorica

Come for the stunning cover art, and stay for a debut novel that explores a young man returning to his family’s homeland in the wake of tragedy and grappling with who he is, where he belongs, and what he wants his life to be.

No One Can Know by Kate Alice Marshall

Returning home is never easy. But it’s particularly hard for Emma, especially when it involves coming clean to her husband about the fact that the people in her hometown believe she murdered her parents.

The House on Biscayne Bay by Chanel Cleeton

In this historical novel, Chanel Cleeton intertwines the lives of two women—one living in the wake of the Great War, and another in 1941—connected through Marbrisa, a stunning estate on Biscayne Bay that’s hiding secrets behind its gilded facade.

Those Beyond the Wall by Micaiah Johnson

Tensions run high in this sci-fi thriller. Scales uses her skills as a mechanic and fighter to serve the Emperor of Ashtown. But even her best may not be good enough to save those she loves when an invisible killer strikes.

The Boyfriend Subscription by Steven Salvatore

Steven Salvatore is delivering a queer rom-com with a Pretty Woman twist as down-on-his-luck Teddy agrees to pretend to date Cole, a tech entrepreneur, to help him land a potential investor (for a tidy sum, of course).

Lunar New Year Love Story by Gene Luen Yang; illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Celebrate the start of a new year with this young adult graphic novel. Val’s family is cursed to never experience true love, but when she feels a spark with a lion dancer at a new year festival, she wonders if the curse could be broken.

The Extinction of Irena Rey by Jennifer Croft

International Booker Prize-winning translator Jennifer Croft debuts with a novel about eight translators who arrive at the home of Irena Rey to work on converting her magnum opus, only to learn that she’s gone missing.

One of Us Knows by Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole’s latest thriller follows a heroine with dissociative identity disorder. Kenetria is settling into her new job when the arrival (and subsequent mysterious death) of a man who once ruined her life threatens the peace she’s found.

The Book of Doors by Gareth Brown

When her favorite customer dies, bookseller Cassie Andrews takes the last book he was reading to remember him by. Little does she know, it possesses the ability to transport the reader anywhere, and there are people willing to kill to take it from her.

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

Any year Kennedy Ryan gifts us with a new book is a great one, and we’re counting down the days until we can read this romance between a woman learning to rediscover herself and the forbidden man she can’t help but want.

Icarus by K. Ancrum

An art thief takes center stage in this young adult novel. Icarus and his father have been targeting Mr. Black for years—replacing his art with forgeries. But when Icarus meets Mr. Black’s son, everything changes.

The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn and Janie Chang

The only thing better than a new book from your favorite author? A new book written by two of them! Beloved historical fiction writers Kate Quinn and Janie Chang come together in this tale of two women and a missing Chinese antique.

Once Upon a Murder by Samantha Larsen

The Lady Librarian mystery continues next February. When Miss Tiffany Woodall’s beloved Mr. Samir Lathrop is suspected of murdering a footman who was blackmailing him; she vows to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

The Dead Cat Tail Assassins by P. Djèlí Clark

P. Djèlí Clark invites readers into a world of deadly assassins. Eveen the Eviscerator always gets the job done, but when her latest target jogs a strange feeling of familiarity, she hesitates and begins to wonder who her mark is and why she was the one sent after them.

Old Flames and New Fortunes by Sarah Hogle

A magical florist gets tangled up in this second-chance romance. On a mission to help her business, Romina agrees to a fake dating scheme, only to find out that her pretend beau is the soon-to-be stepbrother of Alex King, the boy who broke her heart.

Perfect Little Monsters by Cindy R. X. He

Dawn has enough trouble being the new girl in school, but when she becomes the number one suspect in the murder of her high school’s queen bee, she refuses to take the fall and starts searching for the answers.

Like Happiness by Ursula Villarreal-Moura

The past comes back to haunt Tatum Vega in this debut novel about power, identity, and gender. Tatum’s peaceful life in Chile is interrupted when a reporter tracks her down to ask about her history with the famous author M. Dominguez.

The Last Murder at the End of the World by Stuart Turton

How do you solve a murder on an island when every resident’s memory has been wiped? With a deadly fog moving in, the locals have a mere 92 hours to uncover who killed a local scientist and to try to restore the barrier that protects them from the outside world.

This Wretched Valley by Jenny Kiefer

Climbers beware, you may want to steer clear of the outdoors after you read this gripping horror debut uncovering the mystery of what happened to friends who attempted to scale a cliff face in the Kentucky wilderness.

Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend by Emma R. Alban

Pitched as “the lesbian Bridgerton/Parent Trap you never knew you needed”—do you really need to hear more? Two debutantes attempt to matchmake their widowed parents and instead fall in love with each other in this queer Victorian romance.

Bunt! by Ngozi Ukazu and Mad Rupert

Ngozi Ukazu, a NetGalley team favorite, returns next year with debut artist Mad Rupert. This graphic novel follows Molly as she attempts to form a softball team at her art college in the hopes of winning an athletic scholarship.

Indian Burial Ground by Nick Medina

Nick Medina is back with a mythological horror novel. Noemi Broussard’s plans of a fresh start are dashed when her boyfriend dies under mysterious circumstances, leading her to believe that someone (or something) is terrorizing tribal lands.

Long After We Are Gone by Terah Shelton Harris

Long-kept secrets begin to spill out when four siblings reunite in North Carolina in the hopes of saving their family home, which is being targeted by a development company seeking to turn the 200 acres into a luxury resort.

Forgotten Sisters by Cynthia Pelayo

You may lose sleep when diving into this psychological suspense. After starting a podcast about the ghostly history of the tragedies surrounding the Chicago River, Anna and her sister get swept into a world of danger.

The Cemetery of Untold Stories by Julia Alvarez

Novelist Alma Cruz plans to use the plot of land she’s inherited in the Dominican Republic to bury her old manuscripts and put the unfinished stories that haunt her to rest at last. But her characters aren’t willing to let their stories go untold.

Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana

Analeigh Sbrana is ready to deliver your romantasy fix this February. To save her village, Lore agrees to catalog an enchanted library and finds herself needing to rely on two Fae males she doesn’t know if she can trust.

Moonstorm by Yoon Ha Lee

Hwa Young longs to become an Imperial pilot and distance herself from the rebel moon she was raised on. But when the teen discovers a conspiracy that leads her to question the empire, her entire worldview is turned upside down.

So Let Them Burn by Kamilah Cole

In this Jamaican-inspired YA fantasy debut, a peace summit ends in disaster that could mean war between Faron Vincent’s island home and the empire if she can’t use her powers to save her sister from a soul bond with an enemy dragon.

The Lost Dresses of Italy by M. A. Mclaughlin

M. A. Mclaughlin weaves together threads from 1947 and 1864 in this historical novel set in Verona, Italy as historian Marianne investigates a mysterious note left among three Victorian dresses she’s preparing to exhibit.

The Imposition of Unnecessary Obstacles by Malka Older

Investigator Mossa and Scholar Pleiti return next year with another cozy mystery set amongst the stars. In this series installment, the two are investigating students and staff who have suddenly disappeared from a university without a trace.

Girls with Bad Reputations by Xio Axelrod

Goodbye dive bars, and hello open road. In this contemporary romance, drummer Kayla struggles to calm her nerves as the Lillys set out on tour. When past fears and press attention start to be too much, she finds comfort in Ty, their quiet bus driver.

What books are at the top of your 2024 TBR?

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