12 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors

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Have you ever finished a book by your favorite author and immediately wished they had another one publishing soon? Us too! Luckily, there are small ways that readers can support authors that can make a big impact (more book deals, continuation of a series, tv and film deals, and more.) Here’s a look at ways that you can use your power as a reader to support the authors you love. 

Buy books
This is a given: Buying books is one of the best ways that readers can show support for the authors they love. It doesn’t matter if your purchase comes in the form of a physical book, ebook, or audiobook—buying books is helpful to authors, publishers, and independent bookstores! Purchases not only help the author financially, they also show publishers that there is interest in an author’s stories, and publishers are then more likely to acquire future books from that author.

Preorder books
Preorders are valuable for so many reasons. They help to build buzz around upcoming books, they indicate interest in a book to bookstores and can lead stores to order more copies of a book, and they tell publishers that there is a clear demand from readers for more books from this author. Preorders also count as first-week sales for a book, which can help it hit bestseller lists, giving the book more visibility.

A preorder can also be a signal to the publisher about the types of books readers are interested in, which can help lead them to acquire similar books. This is why it can be especially important to preorder books from marginalized authors as a way of letting publishers know that readers want to see more diversity in publishing.

Leave (and share) reviews
As NetGalley members, you already know the power reviews have in encouraging readers to pick up a particular book. By writing valuable reviews for books you enjoy, and sharing those reviews, you’re helping expand the reach of that author and bring them new audiences.

Places that you can share reviews include, but are not limited to: NetGalley, book review websites (such as Storygraph and Goodreads), retail sites (such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble), your book blog, and social media (such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter).

Subscribe to their newsletters
Receiving an email from your favorite author is thrilling. Plus newsletters often contain information on new releases, giveaways, bonus content, preorder campaigns, virtual signings and events, and more!

Follow them on social media
Similar to an author’s newsletter, their social platforms provide a great way to be the first to know about upcoming books, adaptation news, and more. You’ll also be able to easily share (and amplify) their announcements to your own followers! 

Signal boost
Did an author recently announce a preorder campaign? Retweet it! Did they reveal a new book cover? Share it! If you’re excited about the news they’ve announced, chances are your fellow readers will be too and you can help that information reach them.

Request (and check out) their books at your library
When an author I love has a new book out, I always look to see if it’s available at my local library. Librarians learn about their community by engaging with patrons and by looking at their behavior to inform their future purchase decisions. Borrowing books shows my library that these are authors, books, and genres that I love. The library is also the first place I turn to when I want to reread books because librarians will check the stats of an author’s previously published work when deciding if they want to purchase a new release. If your library doesn’t have your favorite authors’ books, ask your local librarian how to submit a request to acquire them!

Attend events
From bookstore and library visits to reader conventions, there is no shortage of bookish events happening this year. Attending an in-person event is an excellent way to show support for an author, as well as the venue hosting the event. Plus it offers the unique opportunity of getting beloved books signed or snapping a picture with an author you adore.

Traveling to events isn’t always an option for authors or readers, but there are other options. Many authors host virtual events such as virtual bookstore or library visits, Instagram live sessions, and more! Attending is a great way to get to know your favorite authors a bit better and to meet other readers in the chat who also love them.

Invite authors to virtual gatherings
Are you a teacher, librarian, or book club leader? Consider inviting an author to participate virtually in a discussion on their latest work! Check out our tips here for hosting a virtual event and these dos and don’ts for inviting an author to your book club meeting.

Use the platforms you have
One of the easiest ways to show support is by using the tools you already have: bloggers can participate in virtual book tours, reviewers can share lists of releases they’re excited about on Twitter or Instagram, book clubs can use Facebook as a meeting and discussion platform. Reviewers have an incredible amount of influence and looking at the online or in-person bookish communities you already enjoy can offer you inspiration for places to spread the word about your favorite authors.

Give the gift of reading
Raise your hand if you’ve finished a fantastic book and immediately told your best friend, coworker, or significant other to read it. Help them along by giving them a copy of the book. You could even offer to buddy read it with them!

Take a stand against book bans
There’s a wave of book censorship sweeping across the U.S. and chances are that books and authors you love are being impacted. Making your voice heard when your community or state is discussing banning books is one of the best ways you can support authors and we have a list of tips here on how to get started.


What are your favorite ways to support authors?

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  1. Whenever I can I like, retweet, add to my story or write a comment to posts about new books be it with the author and/or the publisher.

    I also love to attend online events. They are so good.

    Basically, whenever I can I add a ❤️.

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