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A book on its side with scrabble letters spelling out 'book club' sticking out from the pages

Rules and Expectations to Consider When Starting a Book Club

So you’ve started a book club (maybe even a virtual one!)—what’s next? As you think about the type of book club you want, your book selection process, and the way you’ll structure…
Person resting their arms on an open book and looking wistfully away

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: When To Leave Your Book Club

Book clubs are amazing. You get to hang out with friends, talk about books, and if you’re lucky, eat some awesome snacks. Over time, however, something about a book club can feel…
A shot from over a person's shoulder showing them looking at a computer screen showing a packed video conference

Dos and Don’ts of Inviting an Author to Your Book Club

Have you ever wanted to invite your book club’s favorite author to a meeting? The chance to directly ask an author about their writing process and inspiration can help offer your book…
A person asleep in a chair with a book over their face

How To Get Your Book Club Out of a Rut

Book club meetings are fun, but sometimes they need a shake-up. Maybe your club has been meeting for a while and has settled into some patterns that aren’t exciting anymore. Never fear:…
A group of readers sitting around a table in a coffee shop

Five Ways to Structure Your Book Club Discussion

The best part of being in a book club is getting to discuss the books you read with fellow bookworms, but it’s not always easy to stay on track and keep focused…
Woman smiling while sitting with an open book and laptop

How to Use NetGalley to Find Your Next Book Club Book

Whether you run a book club among friends, for your bookstore or library, or in your classroom, there are ways you can use NetGalley to find your group’s next read! Here are…
Person in wheelchair reaching for a book on a bookshelf

How to Perfect Your Book Club Selection Process

Reading books with your friends and sharing your thoughts is the best part of book club. But before you can get to the fun meeting, you first need to decide how to…
A collage of the covers included in this article

Diverse Book Club Picks for 2021

Is there anything better than discussing books with your friends? We certainly don’t think so. Here’s a diverse list of books and audiobooks being published in 2021 that are sure to get…
A laptop screen showing a video call featuring people holding books

10 More Unique Book Club Ideas

Looking for a way to shake up your book club in 2021? Last year we shared 20 unique book club ideas and now we’re back with ten more that are guaranteed to…

How to Start a Virtual Book Club

A virtual book club is a fantastic way to connect with fellow readers no matter where they are in the world. Starting your own might seem intimidating, but it's easier than you…

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