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We believe in the power of reading, the importance of literacy,
and the fact that books should be as inclusive and diverse
as readers are. Being Bookish is part of our identity,
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Member Spotlight

This month we’re putting the spotlight on Lili from Utopia State of Mind.

Find out the books she’s recommending and her tips and tricks for making the most of her NetGalley membership.


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Cover Love

Truth time: We judge books by their covers. But we know we’re not the only ones!
Here are our favorites this month–plus the top voted cover by NetGalley members.

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Author Interview

“I think we all had a parent turn to us around the age of 10 and say, ‘Never be a follower, be a leader! It’s this thing that continues to interest me. How can we all want something so badly and use it as this measurement of our worth and how we stand in the world, but none of us actually want to be one of them?”
–Megan Angelo on Followers