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10 Things You Should Include in Your NetGalley Profile

The key to having the best experience possible on NetGalley starts with a strong Profile. After all, the information in your Profile is crucial in helping publishers decide whether to approve or…
Woman wearing headphones and waving at her open laptop

Tips For Hosting a Virtual Book Event

Virtual events have been incredibly popular in the book community over the last year—offering bookstores and libraries more chances to interact with their communities, giving authors new ways to share their work…
A planner open on a desk

How to Plan Content on Your Bookish Social Media Channels

Starting a bookish social media channel is exciting, but to help it grow you’ll need to produce content with some regularity. Here’s a look at how to start planning your social media…
Girl smiling down at her phone

Dos and Don’ts for Your Bookish Social Media

As NetGalley’s Social Media Assistant, I spend a lot of time creating content for our social platforms, scrolling through feeds, and looking at posts from both NetGalley members and bookish creators that…
A laptop showing a hashtag symbol on its screen

Hashtag Tips for Book Influencers

Hashtags are an important part of sharing your book reviews on social media, but they can be tricky to understand. After all, every platform has different rules and etiquette around them. Here…
A desktop computer showing the Canva homepage

Canva 101: How to Use Canva as a Book Influencer

To help NetGalley members create strong platforms for sharing their book reviews, we’ve rounded up tips for starting a blog, bookstagram, and booktube channel. Most of these posts mention the free resource…
A YouTube thumbnail of a girl holding up a stack of books with the words "Romance books I love" behind her

Romance Book Influencers of Color to Follow

Do you love finding your next read based on the recommendation of a book influencer? We do too. We rounded up 17 bookish influencers of color who review romance novels that you…
Man holding up a book in front of a camera

How to Review NetGalley Books on Booktube

Ready for your close up, readers? Booktube offers reviewers a unique platform for discussing the books they are reading. From vlogs to themed roundups to tags and challenges, there are seemingly endless…
A hand holding a smartphone. The phone's screen displays various social. media icons.

Tips for Making Your Social Media Accounts More Accessible

NetGalley members use a wide variety of social media to spread their love of books. Unfortunately, social media platforms aren’t always the most helpful when it comes to encouraging users to share…

Tips for Promoting Your NetGalley Reviews on Social Media

NetGalley members know that social media can be an important component of being a book advocate. But it may be difficult to know the right time to share reviews, which hashtags to…

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