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An e-reader sitting on an open book on top of a white blanket

32 Highly-Anticipated Books Hitting Shelves in 2024

2024 may still be a month away, but it’s never too early to start planning next year’s TBR pile! Here’s a roundup of some highly-anticipated books hitting shelves next year. Many are…
A painting of a woman in historic clothing leaning over a book

25 Historical Fiction Novels to Read in 2023

Take a journey to the past—no time travel required! Whether you’re looking to fall for a 1950s reporter, take to the high seas with a legendary pirate, or read tales inspired by…
A collage of the covers included in this article

10 Historical Fiction Novels to Request or Read Today

Want to take a journey to the past? Below you’ll find five historical fiction novels you can request now on NetGalley, and five that are already on sale and that you can…

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