Bookish Gifts Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Looking to treat yourself? You’re in luck! Here is a list of bookish gifts tailored to your zodiac sign. No matter when your birthday falls, these literary presents are sure to bring a smile to your face!

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Aries, you are a reader with ambitions and big reading goals for the year. To help you achieve new reading heights, here are annotation tabs and pens for noting all of your thoughts while reading, as well as a quick review bookmark.


Routine can be fun, Taurus, but so is adding a bit of novelty and variety into your reading routines. We recommend checking out TBR cards, scratch-offs, and even a blind date with a book to switch up your reading.


You are full of energy, Gemini! For the reader on the go, you can’t go wrong with a tote for carrying books, a shirt shouting out your favorite form of reading (audio = multitasking!), and a custom tumbler to stay hydrated and caffeinated.


Cancers, you know how to set the mood when it comes to a cozy night of reading. To help, here’s a bookish candle, comfy pillow, and a literary tea collection.


Leo, you are the fearless leader of the zodiac and we just know you bring that energy to your book club. Here you’ll find a custom sweatshirt to rep your club, a wine glass just waiting to be filled at your next meeting, and a cookie cutter we think your bookish friends will crack up over.


Truly the host with the most, Virgo when it comes to bookish events we want you in charge. Make your next literary gathering even more festive with wine glass charms, embossed napkins, and personalized cards.


We want to support your search for balance and harmony, Libra. This magnetic bookmark and wooden book holder will remind you to prioritize rest and avoid the allure of “one more chapter,” while the e-reader grip will ensure you’re comfortable while reading!


We love your passion for reading, Scorpio. To help with your organization goals and plans for TBR destruction, we suggest using this sign on your bookshelves to help designate what’s up next on your TBR, using this book sleeve to keep reading material on you at all times, and this cheeky sticker to remind you to not take it all too seriously.


Sagittarius, you’re always learning something new, and when it comes to bookish crafts there is no end to the hobbies you could discover. Check out this embroidery kit, mini bookstore (a perfect fit for your shelves!), and book binding starter kit.


Nothing feels better than accomplishing a goal. Don’t you agree, Capricorn? We have a feeling you’ll enjoy these TBR tiles and cootie catcher game to help check books off your list. Plus a cup of iced coffee to give you the energy you need to succeed!


Aquarius, we admire your dedication to creating community! To help we recommend starting a Little Free Library, where you can use a custom library stamp or library cards when lending books into your neighborhood or to friends.


You’re incredibly artistic, Pisces, and we know you want to make any space you live in reflective of your creative soul. We think you’ll love this bookish vase, artwork for your wall, and 3D printed bookend to add some art to your shelves.

What bookish traits do you think define your star sign?

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