Five Things to Discuss at Your January Book Club Meeting

Most book club meetings revolve around discussing that month’s selected title, but we like to infuse some general bookish chatter into our gatherings! This can be a great way to start or end the event and can keep everyone focused on the thing that brings us all together: a passion for literature. Here are five topics to bring up during your January book club meeting.

Reading goals and resolutions
This topic can be presented on both a personal and a group level. Do individual members have specific reading plans for the year? Does your club hope to read a certain number of books, more books in a different genre, or more diverse books? Talk about the aspirations you have and how you want them to shape your 2023 reading list.

How things run
If your group just started, now is the time to figure out how often your club will meet, how book selection works, how long meetings run, and more. For more established groups, it never hurts to go over the basics with your members and leave your mind open to suggested changes.

Long-running clubs, this is the perfect time of year to take a look back over your last few meetings and think about what you would change. Newbies, use this month to think about what you’ve liked or disliked about clubs you’ve been involved with in the past. Talk about your expectations of book club and what you hope to get out of it.

Big plans
Does your group want to travel to a book convection together? Would you like to host an author at one of your meetings? When it comes to planning, earlier is always better. Think about any bigger events that your club wants to take part in this year and start making an agenda for how to get there.

Shelfie survey
Ask your members how everyone prefers to organize their own personal libraries and how they go about deciding to give away or donate books.


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