10 More Unique Book Club Ideas

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Looking for a way to shake up your book club in 2022? Earlier this year we shared 20 unique book club ideas and now we’re back with ten more that are guaranteed to lead to a year of thoughtful reading and discussion. If you need help starting or running a book club, we have tips for that too!


Follow a trope through the ages
Pick a classic trope in your favorite genre, such as the chosen one in fantasy. Select books that feature that trope published as far back as you choose to the present day. As you read, you can see how different authors approached the trope, how it has evolved over time, and gain insight into why it remains popular today.


Celebrate debuts
Is there anything more exciting than discovering a brand new author at the start of their journey? Spending your year reading debut authors is a great way to discover fresh new voices, and as you discover new favorite authors together, you’ll be able to follow their growth as an author for years to come!


Track an author’s evolution
If you like the idea of following an author’s growth, you’ll love this theme. Every month read both an author’s debut novel and their most recent release. It’ll give you a close look at the characteristics of their craft, the themes they’re drawn to, and more!


Go local
Your new favorite author might be your neighbor! If your members live in the same state, try a year of reading books by authors from your area. Your indie bookstore or library should be able to help too as you search for local authors.


Get to know your area
Similarly, try reading books set in your state! It’s always fun to read a book where you can recognize the local landmarks. Check out books written about the place you live—you might even learn some fascinating history about your home that you didn’t know before!


Hit all 50 states
Are your book club members spread across the country? No problem! Take a literary road trip by trying to read a book set in each of the U.S.’s fifty states.


Annotate and share
Book club meets book mail in this idea! Have one member buy a physical copy of a book. As they read they can annotate (or leave Post It notes for the writing-in-books adverse), and when they’re done they mail it to the next member. It’s a unique way to experience the same book together, and still offers you the opportunity to have a meeting about the book once everyone has finished reading.


Join a library or bookstore group
If your book club is small, or if you’re looking for someone else to handle the discussion, consider joining a library or bookstore group! Many local libraries and indie bookstores are hosting virtual book club meetings with schedules posted online, making it easy to see which books they’ve selected for the upcoming months.


Read like the stars
There are no shortage of celebrity book clubs (from Oprah to Reese) or popular online book clubs (such as Buzzfeed’s). If your group wants to focus on the books and worry less about researching new picks, following along with an established club is an excellent way to go.


Read what you own
Raise your hand if your bookshelves are overflowing with unread books! If your book club is small, you can compare the bought but unread books on your shelves as options for group reads. Or, if you prefer, rotate between members, letting each one select a book from their own shelves for the club to read that month.

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