Tips for Achieving Your 2022 #NetGalleyGoals

The new year is here and it’s the perfect time to think about bookish resolutions. Many bookworms make reading goals for the year, but the NetGalley community also sets #NetGalleyGoals to keep our profiles looking sharp. Below are some goals to keep in mind throughout 2022 and tips for ensuring you make the most of your NetGalley membership this year!

Update your Profile regularly
When you request a book on NetGalley, the publisher will look at your Profile to learn more about your role and reading preferences. One of the things they’re looking for is to see that you’re an active member and that your information is up-to-date. In 2022, set a reminder to update your Profile every few months. We’ve rounded up a few more Profile dos and don’ts here and in our NetGalley newbie article.


Sharpen your review writing
Reviews are incredibly useful to publishers, authors, and your fellow readers. Publishers rely on your feedback and are more likely to approve members who provide meaningful reviews of their books. Learning to craft a strong review takes practice and dedication, and taking yours to the next level in 2022 is a great goal to have. Whether you’re looking to freshen up on the basics of how to structure your reviews or you need help fighting review writer’s block, you can find all the tips you need here.


Read and review more books before their publication date
A common #NetGalleyGoal among members is staying on top of their virtual TBR by reading and reviewing more books before their publication date. Staying organized is key here and NetGalley’s weekly Checklist email is a great tool for keeping track of which books are ready for your Feedback. You can also be like NetGalley member Lili and create a book schedule and review calendar to keep yourself on track. Be sure to check your approval email from the publisher to see if they’re requesting reviews be posted at a specific moment in time. If you need advice on battling readers’ guilt, combating a reading slump, or making more time to read, we’ve got you covered. We also have this guide to everything you need to know about requesting books on NetGalley!


Raise your Feedback Ratio
The Feedback Ratio calculates the percentage of feedback to approved books and audiobooks. It’s one of the key stats publishers consider when approving requests, and we recommend keeping yours close to 80%. In 2022, you may be looking to hit that 80%, or perhaps your Feedback Ratio is already strong and you want to ensure it stays that way. Here you’ll find six ways to improve (or maintain!) your Feedback Ratio and how to recover if you’ve tanked your ratio.


Share book reviews online
After you’ve submitted a book review to NetGalley, consider where else you can share it! Start with your blog, Bookstagram, other social media channels, or even your book club. Your review could help a friend or follower discover their next favorite book. 

NetGalley also makes it easy to share your reviews to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, where they’ll reach even more readers. If you have a habit of posting your review to NetGalley and forgetting to share it with online retailers, make it a 2022 goal to change that. Once you submit a review on NetGalley, click the Amazon or Barnes & Noble logo to be taken to their sites. Your review is automatically copied, so all you need to do is paste it and share!


Build up your social media platforms
Many NetGalley members have social media platforms dedicated to their love of reading. It’s an excellent way to share your reviews and to connect with the amazing community of bookworms. Those with existing platforms can set #NetGalleyGoals for expanding their reach or consistently cross-posting NetGalley reviews to their platform. If you’re a member who doesn’t currently have a bookish social media presence and wants one, take a look at our tips for starting a book blog, Booktube, Bookstagram, and BookTok!


Utilize NetGalley’s tools for members
Make this the year that you use all of the tools that NetGalley has to offer! There are a variety of NetGalley resources to help make members’ jobs as book advocates as easy as possible. There are ways to keep track of your favorite publishers, reminders of which books are ready for Feedback, and more. Check out this article on making the most of your NetGalley membership!



Find even more NetGalley tips here!

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