Dos and Don’ts for Reading Outside

A person sitting and reading outside with a cityscape behind them

Summer’s almost here, and it’s the perfect time of year to take your reading into the great outdoors. There are any number of places to read outside: the beach, the park, or even just the random bench near your house. Whether you’re taking your book to the rooftop or pool deck, here are some tips for finding the right outdoor reading spot for you.

Do: Make sure your reading device is fully charged
Nothing ruins a good book like a notification that your device is about to turn off. Charge up before you leave, and consider bringing a portable charger if you’re hoping to stay outside for a long time.


Don’t: Be afraid to silence your phone
Turning off your notifications or putting your phone into airplane mode can help make this time all about relaxing with a book.


Do: Think about your reading environment
Do you require perfect silence? Maybe check out a quiet park. Do you like some background noise? Select a more bustling spot. Remember that some locations can be distracting. If you’re an avid people watcher but want an immersive reading experience, perhaps you’ll want to opt for a more secluded spot.


Don’t: Forget about lighting
Screen glare is no joke when you’re trying to read an ebook outside. Finding a spot in the shade can ensure you can see your screen and keeps you out of the heat.


Do: Pack your SPF
If you do decide to catch some rays while you read, make sure to protect your skin by applying (and reapplying) sunscreen.


Don’t: Forget the snacks and water
Stay hydrated and full by packing a bag of treats for yourself. Make sure you pick provisions that are portable and not too perishable.


Do: Get comfortable
Do you like to have something to lean against for maximum enjoyment of your book? Think about selecting a bench or a tree you can relax against. Want to lie down in the park? Bring a blanket and pillow. Think about your favorite parts of your indoor reading nook and bring them outside to create the perfect mood.


Don’t: Overthink it
Sure, you can spend a lot of time looking for a scenic reading spot, but don’t think about it so hard that you don’t get to enjoy the important part: reading!

Do: Get creative
Feel like a more active reading break? Go for a stroll outside and listen to your favorite audiobook.

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