What Your #NetGalleyGoals Should Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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2021 is halfway over—how are your #NetGalleyGoals looking? This point of the year is a perfect time to reassess your plans. Maybe you’re a bit behind and need a boost of motivation, or maybe you’ve already accomplished your goals and are looking for a new challenge. Here, we’ve suggested goals tailored to your zodiac sign. No matter when your birthday falls, you’ll find tips here to ensure the rest of the year brings great reading and reviewing!


Aries: Blackout your #NetGalleyBingo board
Oh ambitious, Aries. You love a good challenge, which is how we know that simply scoring a bingo during this summer’s #NetGalleyBingo challenge won’t be enough for you. Instead, see if you can hit every prompt on the board!


Taurus: Create a social media schedule
You find joy in having a routine, Taurus, which is why we’re recommending that you focus on creating a social media schedule. Being able to plan out when you share reviews of your NetGalley books on your social media channels will remove stress and allow you to focus on what you love: relaxing with a book.


Gemini: Listen to audiobooks
We love your energy, Gemini. You need a reading method that matches your busy lifestyle, and with so many audiobooks available on NetGalley, now is the perfect time to start listening to audiobooks! Already hooked on audio? Let’s perfect your audiobook reviewing.


Cancer: Let go of readers’ guilt
Sensitive Cancer, you feel as though books are dear friends and you want to give all of them the attention they deserve. But there’s so little time! Check out these tips to help you fight back against feeling guilty and to empower you to tackle the rest of your 2021 TBR.


Leo: Start a book club
You are a community leader, Leo, which is why we know you’d be great at hosting a book club for your friends, school, bookstore, or library. The best part is that you can use NetGalley to find your next book club pick, and utilize book club kits to run meetings!


Virgo: Take your critical reviews to the next level
Do the wheels of your mind ever stop turning, Virgo? You love analyzing what you read and exploring what is and isn’t working in a book. Our challenge for you is to use that sharp eye to perfect your critical review writing.


Libra: Get back to basics
Balance and harmony are what you’re seeking, Libra, and the best way to achieve both is to get back to basics to make sure the foundation you’re building is solid. Take a look at our NetGalley Newbie article for a refresher on how to craft a profile and stay organized.


Scorpio: Combat reviewer writer’s block
You’re incredibly passionate, Scorpio, which is why it can be so frustrating when the way you feel about a book doesn’t seem to translate into the review you’re attempting to write. Peek at our advice for battling the dreaded reviewer writer’s block and find a method that works for you.


Sagittarius: Get creative on Canva
Sagittarius, your love of learning new things means you’re always looking for creative new ways to showcase your book reviews. We recommend checking out Canva, our favorite (free) tool for making social media graphics, adding book covers to e-reader photos, and more! Don’t worry, we have a guide for how to use it here for you.


Capricorn: Improve your Feedback Ratio
Is there any better feeling than accomplishing a goal? Your love of setting your mind to a task and seeing it through is certain to help you succeed when it comes to raising that Feedback Ratio, Capricorn.


Aquarius: Focus on accessibility
Creating spaces that are welcoming for fellow members of the book community is something you excel at, Aquarius. This is how we know you’ll be eager to start practicing these tips for keeping social media accounts accessible so you can then share them with your fellow bookworms.


Pisces: Channel your creative energy
Your creativity is inspiring, Pisces. We love how you’re always trying to find new ways to review and recommend the books you love. If you’ve had your eye on starting a blog, Booktube, or Bookstagram channel to better showcase your reviews but have been putting it off—consider this your sign to start one.


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