Join the #NetGalleyBingo Summer Reading Challenge!

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Want a fun way to reach your NetGalley goals this summer? Tackle your TBR pile and boost your NetGalley stats with #NetGalleyBingo!

​​How to Play

—NetGalley Bingo will run from August 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023.

—Each book or action can only be used for a single square on the board. For example, you cannot use the same book for both “Five-star read” and “Review right after finishing.”

—To score a bingo, you must complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row of five squares.

—Each prompt is open to your interpretation. For example, the “Raise your Feedback Ratio” prompt can mean that you raised it to the recommended 80% or simply that you went up a percentage.

A light yellow bingo board with pink, orange, green, yellow, and blue squares

Download your NetGalley Bingo card below and share your progress with us and your fellow book advocates by tagging @NetGalley and using #NetGalleyBingo on social media. Your board may even be featured on the NetGalley Instagram!

Download the printable bingo board here.
Download the Instagram grid size here.
Download the Instagram story/TikTok size here.

#NetGalleyBingo Prompts

Update your Profile

Five-star read

Author you’ve read before

Listen Now audiobook
(Audiobook alternative prompt: Nonfiction book)

Review the oldest book on your Shelf

Favorite color on the cover

Raise your Feedback Ratio

Outside of your comfort zone

BIPOC author

Listen in NetGalley Shelf app
(Audiobook alternative prompt: Read in the NetGalley Shelf app)

LGBTQIA+ main character

Review right after finishing

Free Space

Publishing in 2024

Add Publisher to favorites

Subscribe to NetGalley YouTube channel

Post a NetGalley shelfie

Share review on TikTok

Read Now book

Friend picks what you read

New-to-you audiobook narrator
(Audiobook alternative prompt: New-to-you author)

Debut author

Comic or graphic novel

Create a List on NetGalley

Review Book Advocate Toolkit

Hint: Check out our NetGalley Tips series and our Must-Read roundups to help with some of the bingo prompts! Here are some of our favorites:

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    1. We can’t wait to see your board! You are correct – all books must be from your NetGalley Shelf. Thank you for the question – we’ll update the article to make that clear!

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