Discover Your Tea Dragon: Katie O’Neill Pairs Tea Dragons with Zodiac Signs

When it comes to graphic novels that capture our hearts and imaginations, Katie O’Neill’s Tea Dragon series is a must-read. O’Neill captures through stories and stunning artwork an inclusive world built on kindness. If you haven’t yet visited, treat yourself to a trip there. To celebrate the upcoming release of The Tea Dragon Tapestry, the third and final installment in the series, O’Neill paired her adorable tea dragons with zodiac signs. Read on to discover which tea dragon is your perfect match!

Aries: Rooibos

Rooibos dragons are full of energy and excitement–to the extent that they sometimes don’t realize their playmate isn’t interested. They’re game for anything and are always willing to give new things a try, but they run out of energy quickly. After a nap and some fresh berries however, they’re always back and ready for more adventure!

Taurus: Earl Grey

Earl Grey dragons are laid-back and peaceful, but don’t respond well to change in their environment. They can be very stubborn, but it always comes out of a sense of caring and protection of their owner. They prefer warm, quiet spaces and are known for their “Little Grandpa” natures.

Gemini: Hibiscus

Hibiscus dragons are very social creatures, and enjoy experiencing new travel and food much more than other dragons. They exude a calming aura to those around them, but can be somewhat inattentive and absent-minded, wandering off on their own and getting lost easily.

Cancer: Ginseng

Ginseng dragons are incredibly loyal, and feel the emotions of their owner very deeply. They need time to process change and think their thoughts, but once they’ve attached to someone, they are doting, thoughtful, and love domestic environments. They like to feel important and valued in their owner’s family circles.

Leo: Fennel

Fennel dragons are fearless and inquisitive, often described as “nosy.” When they have decided on a task, such squeezing into a small space, they will persist until they succeed, often to the exasperation of their owner and the regret of the dragon. They are courageous and very encouraging of others

Virgo: Peppermint

Peppermint dragons love company and being the object of affection with people they trust, but are shy around strangers. Due to their tiny size they can be very skittish and nervous, but when they are comfortable and confident they believe they are the size of a real dragon! They love grooming.

Libra: Alpine Chamomile

Alpine Chamomile may appear outwardly grumpy and bored, but they have a gentle nature that desires quiet company. Looking so grouchy gives them a lot of time to observe those around them and make judgements about who they would like to follow around and be close to.

Scorpio: Jasmine

Jasmine dragons are graceful, ritual-loving dragons who are tenacious and protective of themselves and their owner. They can be quite fussy and pedantic about their food and grooming routines, but are also watchful and thoughtful and like to be involved in all aspects of daily life.

Sagittarius: Marshmallow

Marshmallow dragons enjoy being part of a family or community and have a lot of patience with children, but get grumpy quickly when it’s past their meal time. Outgoing and adventurous, they enjoy walking and exploring, and are often too proud to admit they need to be carried once they become tired.

Capricorn: Ginger

Ginger dragons are highly attuned to the feelings of others, to the extent that they sometimes can detect hidden illnesses. However this high attunement can also make them a little anxious. They’re very loyal to their owners and enjoy sharing new foods and experiences with them.

Aquarius: Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant dragons are a good match for owners who lead individualistic lives, or who may be alone for long periods of time. They’re peaceful, friendly and laid back, but sometimes a little oblivious to the emotions even of their owner. They’re very loyal however, and love toys and new games.

Pisces: Chamomile

Chamomile dragons are very laid-back, to the point of becoming a little indifferent to food and their environment. Good natured and friendly, they are rarely stressed out by changes or unexpected events, and if anything does bother them, they usually deal with it by just going and taking a nap.

Katie O’Neill is an Eisner and Harvey Award-winning illustrator and graphic novelist from New Zealand. She is the author of Princess Princess Ever AfterThe Tea Dragon SocietyAquicorn Cove, and The Tea Dragon Festival, all from Oni Press. She mostly makes gentle fantasy stories for younger readers, and is very interested in tea, creatures, things that grow, and the magic of everyday life.

  1. I have a Jasmine tea dragon witch makes sense because I enjoy routine and being included in things. also I am protective/ caring for friends or family but I still kind of wish I had the Rooibos tea dragon ☺️ so cute!!!!

  2. This is fabulous! I love how you even put mountain chamomile there to!
    If you can, which book in the tea dragon series is there Blackcurrant?
    [I’m not sure where it is but im not accusing anyone making it up]

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