Small But Mighty: Little Free Libraries We Love

We love a good library. We adore large public libraries, and we also have a special place in our hearts for Little Free Libraries: small libraries where visitors can take a book and leave a book, thus circulating free reading material to a local book community. Plus visiting one is a safe and socially distant activity. Get inspired by these adorable LFLs, and check out the Little Free Library site for a map of official LFLs or ask local bookworms using your NextDoor app to find any independently created ones!


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This one was discovered and filled up by a NetGalley team member!


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This little library knows that owl you need are books.


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This is a Little Free Library with a great mission.


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The opening of a new Little Free Library is always cause for celebration!

There are three shelves of goodness in this adorable little library.

The force is strong with visitors to this R2D2 library.

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Penguin lovers will jump at the chance to visit this sweet spot.

This Houston little library had a celebrity visitor!

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This one may be morbid, but it sure has character.

Grow as a reader when you visit this woodsy little library.

We love this little library’s unusual shape (which we thinks is perfect for becoming more well-rounded in your reading habits).

This one takes architecture seriously.

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We love books and we love succulents, so this little library has a special place in our hearts.

We only have one question about this little library: Where’s Woodstock?

This one is the cat’s meow.

All this needs is a moat and a dragon.

This little library is bigger on the inside.

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