Books and Bookish Gifts for Every Reader on Your Holiday List

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This year more than ever it’s important to shop early and shop local to help your favorite indie bookstores. Lucky for you, bookworms are the easiest people in the world to shop for. You always know giving them a book will be a hit, but it’s also true that any present that celebrates their love of books will make them happy. Here we’ve rounded up gift ideas to ensure your bookworm’s holiday wishes come true!

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The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah transports readers to 1934 Texas in this historical novel. A four-year-long drought has left the Martinelli farm in dire straits and leads to Elsa making her way to California in the hopes of finding work after her husband abandons her and their two children. Elsa doesn’t fare much better out West, and a chance to join fellow striking workers makes her think about the cost of standing up for herself, and for staying silent. NetGalley members loved this book, and we bet your reader will too.

A cell phone wrapped in green ribbon showing the screen membership

We’d gift this to every bookworm on our list if we could! allows members to pair their accounts to their favorite indie bookstore, meaning each audiobook purchase goes towards supporting a store they love. A membership will give the recipient one credit a month to be used on any audiobook of their choice.

While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams

Does the reader in your life love the show Scandal? Reviewers across the board agree that While Justice Sleeps makes the perfect follow-up. Law clerk Avery Keene is shocked to learn her boss, Supreme Court justice Howard Wynn, named her his legal guardian and power of attorney before falling into a coma. Add in a mysterious message from his nurse, and soon Avery begins picking up on strange clues he left behind that hint at deadly hidden secrets.

A red and gold e-reader cover shaped like a book

Personalized e-reader case

E-readers are vitally important to NetGalley members, so the gift of a personalized case is certain to bring them joy! This case looks like a book, can be seamlessly slipped onto their shelves alongside other beloved titles, and offers the option to personalize the spine.

The Lady Gets Lucky by Joanna Shupe

Joanna Shupe’s Fifth Avenue Rebels series continues with a tale of an heiress looking to rebel and a scoundrel only too willing to help her. Alice Lusk is determined to avoid marriage to a man who only sees value in her fortune. Wanting to become the type of woman who can draw men in, rather than being overlooked as she always is, she asks rake Kit Ward to give her lessons. If your bookworm loves historical romance, this is sure to be a winner.

A white box in front of a Christmas tree with wrapped books in front of it

Bookstore mystery box

Many indie bookstores offer mystery book boxes throughout the year and even craft special ones for the holiday season—like the trope-themed ones from Love’s Sweet Arrow. Each box is filled with books hand-selected by the bookseller and often includes fun extras such as candles or bookmarks. They’re an excellent option if you’re unsure of what specific books to give to your reader, and you get to support a local indie bookstore!

Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

Malinda Lo’s latest is a YA work of historical fiction set in 1954 in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Amid the Red Scare and fears of her father being deported, 17-year-old Lily Hu is fighting to carve out space for herself as a young queer woman. Her connection with her classmate Kathleen Miller and the discovery of the lesbian bar, the Telegraph Club fills her with excitement, even with the risks.

An iPad showing a journal screen that says My Year in Books

Digital reading journal

Start your bookworm’s reading year off right with this digital journal! There are pages for them to write reviews, but also to draft book wish lists, set yearly reading goals, curate reading challenge TBRs, and a customizable table of contents. For readers who mainly read digitally, this gift makes it easy to jump between reading apps and their journal.

​​Malice by Heather Walter

Heather Walter’s “Sleeping Beauty” retelling takes a closer look at the tale’s evil sorceress. Alyce is shunned in her world as a descendant of villainous magical beings known as the Vila. When she meets Princess Aurora, who is under a Vila curse and doomed to die by her 21st birthday, Alyce agrees to help her find a way to break it. Readers who enjoy queer fairytale reimaginings will find a lot to love here, and this adult title has plenty of appeal for older YA fantasy fans!

A graphic image of Jesse with the text TBR Cards below

TBR cards

Created by Booktuber Jesse of Bowties & Books with original artwork by Olivia Simone, these TBR cards are an excellent gift for readers always looking to try something new. Each card features a unique prompt—ranging from recommending readers pick up a book where the protagonist is a twin to suggesting they try a work of Afrofuturism.

My Monticello by Jocelyn Nicole Johnson

Know a reader who enjoys a short story collection? Jocelyn Nicole Johnson’s widely acclaimed debut was hailed as “absolutely unforgettable” by Roxane Gay, who called Johnson “a rare breed of writer who can tell any kind of story and do so with exquisite deftness.” The stories explore a range of experiences with “Something Sweet on the Tongue” looking at internalized racism, “King of Xandria” tackling trauma, and the titular “My Monticello” following a Black college student and descendent of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson who seeks refuge from white supremacists by hiding in Monticello.

A number of nameplates on a stone floor

Social handle nameplate

If your bookworm runs a Bookstagram, BookTok, BookTube, or simply loves sharing their love of books on Twitter, they’ll love this nameplate. It looks wonderful on bookshelves and can be featured in videos or photos on their social media accounts.

You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes

If your favorite reader has been hooked on season three of Netflix’s You, gift them with the latest book in the series that inspired the show. You Love Me’s plot is different from that of the show—offering readers new surprises as serial killer Joe Goldberg acclimates to life on Bainbridge Island and falls back into his old habits when he meets librarian Mary Kay DiMarco.

Black wireless headphones in a case

Bluetooth headphones

Good headphones are a must for any audiophile, and this Bluetooth and waterproof set is ideal for the listener who likes to multitask while their audiobook plays. They can leave their phone in a charging port while moving around the house, keep it safely tucked into a pocket while they run, or simply enjoy the fact that they never have to untangle headphone cords again.

And They Lived Happily Ever After by Therese Beharrie

Therese Beharrie delivers romance with a touch of magic for readers looking for an enchanting tale. Romance novelist Gaia Anders’ has a secret to her swoon-worthy bestsellers: Her rough drafts turn into vivid dreams at night that she can edit and manipulate. The next morning, anything she changed in the dream is reflected on the page. But when her dreams begin starring her best friend’s younger brother, Jacob, she wonders how it might impact their real-world relationship.

A Lord of the Rings themed Shelf Insert of Gandalf

Shelf insert

Shelf inserts are growing in popularity among readers and it’s easy to see why. These intricate and stunning pieces of art look like portals to the worlds of readers’ favorite books. Plus they look stunning displayed on bookshelves.

Little Thieves by Margaret Owen

If you’re buying for a reader who enjoys YA novels and fairytale retellings, pick up Margaret Owen’s latest. This reimagining of ​​“The Goose Girl” follows 16-year-old Vanja, who uses an enchanted necklace to help her rob nobility. Unfortunately, when she’s caught by a vengeful god, she’s placed under a curse.

A bamboo bath tray with an iPad propped up in the center

Reading bath tray

This bamboo bath tray features a stand to hold e-readers (from phones to iPads to Kindles and more) making it the perfect way for your bookworm to relax in the tub without worrying about getting their device wet.

We Have Always Been Here by Lena Nguyen

You may recognize this book from when we featured it as a summer must-read. Lena Nguyen’s debut is a sci-fi tale packed with psychological thrills. As humans evacuate from Earth, Dr. Grace Park sets out on the Deucalion on orders to explore an icy planet and assess living conditions. But when a storm traps the crew onboard, a strange affliction begins to spread among them.

A purple Bookshop gift card

Gift card

When in doubt, a gift card to their favorite bookstore or is a great way to give your reader exactly what they want: more books.

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