25 Books by Debut Authors to Read in 2024

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Is there anything more fun than discovering a brand new author? To help you discover your next favorite, here are 25 debut novels from across a variety of genres coming out in 2024.

Spitting Gold by Carmella Lowkis

Estranged sisters agree to one last con in 19th century Paris. Posing as mediums, they plan to swindle a family of aristocrats—until strange events lead them to believe they’ve awoken a malicious spirit.

You Know What You Did by K. T. Nguyen

This twisty thriller follows a first-generation Vietnamese American artist who, in the wake of her mother’s sudden death, winds up the prime suspect in an investigation after an art patron disappears.

The Truth According to Ember by Danica Nava

In this Indigenous romantic comedy, a small lie on Ember’s resume grows into a major problem as she starts to fall in love with her coworker Danuwoa and must decide if and when to come clean.

The Stars Too Fondly by Emily Hamilton

After accidentally stealing a spaceship, Cleo ends up in the far reaches of space, guided by a hologram of Billie, the ship’s missing captain. Readers looking for a sapphic space odyssey should prepare for take off.

The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste

Venus Stoneheart learns the true extent of corruption in Washington, D.C. in this YA fantasy, where she must grapple with her need for revenge on her mother’s killer and the dark magic rising within her.

Zero Stars, Do Not Recommend by MJ Wassmer

Dan Foster’s relaxing island vacation is ruined when the sun explodes. Talk about bad luck. As guest allegiances split by class, he must decide if he’s going to save himself or help his fellow vacationers survive.

Cold to the Touch by Kerri Hakoda

Homicide detective DeHavilland Beans is on the hunt for a serial killer in this Alaska-set thriller. After a string of local women are killed, Beans and the FBI are in a race against the clock to find a murderer before they strike again.

The Lady He Lost by Faye Delacour

In this historical romance, a woman opening a ladies’ gambling club finds help from an unlikely source: the man who broke her heart years ago and has suddenly returned to London after he was believed to be dead.

Road to Ruin by Hana Lee

Perfect for readers who enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road, this fantasy debut is set in a climate-ravaged wasteland and follows a magebike courier on a mission to help a princess escape her family.

The Lamplighter by Crystal J. Bell

This young adult novel transports readers to a 19th century whaling village. A thick fog covers the streets each night and as people begin disappearing, fear and tensions start to heighten.

The Waves Take You Home by María Alejandra Barrios Vélez

After the death of her grandmother, Violeta Sanoguera is left in charge of her family’s struggling restaurant. As she leaves New York for Colombia, she considers the dreams she had for herself and the ones her family has for her.

When She Was Me by Marlee Bush

When a teenage neighbor goes missing, it brings back terrible memories that twins Cassie and Lenora have fought to forget. Readers will uncover what happened in their past and who is responsible for the present-day disappearance.

The Emperor and the Endless Palace by Justinian Huang

Looking for queer romantasy? Check out Justinian Huang’s debut, which follows two men across centuries as they are reborn over and over only to find each other in every lifetime.

The Wings Upon Her Back by Samantha Mills

Set in a science fiction world where five sects each serve a god, this novel follows Zemolai, an enforcer with mechanized wings, who is cast out by her people and has her eyes opened to the reality of her world.

Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams

In this YA contemporary fantasy, a teenage boy who has hidden his magical abilities for years learns of an HBCU that teaches magical students and enters a world of danger, enchantment, and ancient evils.

Masquerade by O.O. Sangoyomi

Set in a reimagined 15th century West Africa and drawing inspiration from the Persephone myth, this fantasy novel explores one woman’s fight for freedom after she’s married to a warrior king.

Medusa of the Roses by Navid Sinaki

Navid Sinaki brings together mythology, noir, and explorations of gender identity in this novel following Anjir and Zal, who are planning to leave Iran to be together when Zal suddenly disappears.

How to End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang

Screenwriter and director Yulin Kuang makes her publishing debut with a romance featuring two characters linked by a terrible tragedy and drawn together by an attraction they can’t ignore.

The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley

In this near-future novel that blends thrills, comedy, and romance, an unnamed narrator is tasked with monitoring a man transported from 1845 to her timeline as part of a government project to explore the effects of time travel.

Just Another Epic Love Poem by Parisa Akhbari

Best friends Mitra and Bea have shared a notebook since they were 13—writing stanzas back and forth about their lives and families. Mitra shares every secret there except one: She’s in love with Bea.

A Sign of Her Own by Sarah Marsh

Sarah Marsh drew inspiration from real deaf students who worked with Alexander Graham Bell for this historical fiction novel about Ellen Lark, a former student of Bell’s who knows the truth behind his patent of the telephone.

Such a Bad Influence by Olivia Muenter

Hazel Davis avoids the spotlight after growing up as one of the stars of her family’s YouTube channel. But when her sister, a popular lifestyle influencer, vanishes, Hazel is willing to do anything to find her.

Here for the Wrong Reasons by Annabel Paulsen and Lydia Wang

Krystin and Lauren join the reality tv dating show Hopelessly Devoted as contestants vying for the heart of an eligible bachelor. But in the show’s most shocking twist yet, as the weeks go by, they end up falling for each other.

Skater Boy by Anthony Nerada

In this queer YA novel, Wes, a failing senior who prefers skateboarding and photography to turning in homework, falls hard for a ballet dancer. As they grow closer, Wes starts to reevaluate the other relationships in his life.

The Spice Gate by Prashanth Srivatsa

Kick off your summer by traveling to a fantasy world where eight kingdoms are connected by the Spice Gates. Follow Amir through the gates to meet assassins, Gods, and danger that threatens the world he knows.

Which of these books is on the top of your TBR?

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