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It can be difficult to narrow the selection down with so many buzzy books hitting shelves every week, which is why I’ve turned to NetGalley member reviews for recommendations. Here’s a list of upcoming books from the Women’s Fiction category that are already exciting me and NetGalley members alike! I predict you’ll be adding quite a few of these to your next indie bookstore order.

The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba by Chanel Cleeton

Set at the end of the 19th century, Chanel Cleeton’s upcoming novel draws inspiration from real figures and events from history to explore the lives of three women involved in Cuba’s fight for independence. Reviewer Literary R gave five stars to Cleeton’s latest: “Gorgeous writing, impeccable research, and three courageous female characters make this a must-read for any historical fiction lover… [The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba is a] page-turning triumph—my first Cleeton but definitely not the last!”

Good Company by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, narrated by Marin Ireland

In this tale of marriage and friendships, Flora Mancini wonders what secrets her husband is keeping after she discovers the wedding ring he claimed to have lost years before. Reviewer Tara L reviewed the audiobook, and had nothing but praise for both author and narrator: “Sweeney’s tone is perfect and captivating. I love to see authors I like get better and better… [T]he always superb Marin Ireland is just perfect as the dry and exciting narrator. She does different voices for the main characters, perfectly mastering the spoiled teen, spoiled tv star, and working actor mom who feels like she gave away her identity. You just can’t go wrong with Ireland as a narrator and with this book, she is great.”

In a Book Club Far Away by Tif Marcelo

In a Book Club Far Away follows a trio of military wives brought together by a book club, torn apart by a betrayal, and reunited when one of their own needs their help and support.  Educator Pat B called Marcelo’s novel “an engaging and heartwarming story about the strength of friendship despite the miles that may separate you… There’s a little romance, a little jealousy, a little heartbreak, and a lot of love.”

Lady Sunshine by Amy Mason Doan

Amy Mason Doan’s latest transports readers to the California coast, where Jackie has inherited an estate from her uncle that brings back reminders of a fateful summer party there 20 years earlier. “It’s a stunner of a book,” says reviewer Karen F in a 5-star rave. “If you are drawn to beautiful writing, expert plotting, escapism, and characters who feel completely real and will genuinely tug at your heart, this book is for you.”

She Wouldn’t Change a Thing by Sarah Adlakha

Thirty-nine-year-old Maria is given the chance to change the past when she wakes up to discover she’s 17 again. She knows that it’s only a few weeks until a tragedy will strike that will lead to meeting her future husband. Maria wonders if she can change history without risking the future that she wants desperately to return to. “This is a brilliantly written story with phenomenal character development that will leave you asking the question, ‘what would I do?’” says librarian Isabella P. “I’m eager to see what this author writes next.”

Island Queen by Vanessa Riley

This work of historical fiction draws inspiration from the real life of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas, one of the most powerful and wealthy landowners in the West Indies in the 18th century. “Wow, I cannot wait for everyone to have access to this book,” writes reviewer Cynthia C. “Riley’s research is always superb but here she has really outdone herself and has written one of the most wonderful works of historical fiction that I have ever read.”

Don’t Make Me Turn This Life Around by Camille Pagán

Camille Pagán’s new novel reunites readers with characters they met in Life and Other Near-Death Experiences—though it can also be read as a standalone! Educator Jennifer T felt a strong connection with the characters: “Sometimes characters from a story leave an imprint on your heart and you hope one day to be able to visit with them again to just check-in. Libby is one of those characters for me.” Bookseller Marisa G echoed that this was “a great follow-up! Camille Pagán is a wonderful writer.”

Where the Grass Is Green and the Girls Are Pretty by Lauren Weisberger

Lauren Weisberger returns with a story about the way a single lie forever changes the lives of news anchor Peyton, her aspiring filmmaker daughter, and her sister. “True to Lauren Weisberger’s style, her latest novel delivers her signature wit, insight into an elite world, enthralling storytelling, relatable yet authentic characters, and snappy language,” writes media reviewer Miranda S. “It’s so rich with details and complex characters that made this read totally unputdownable.”

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