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Look no further for your next read. The amount of great new books hitting shelves each month can be overwhelming but we’ve rounded up ten of the buzziest books coming out this May—no matter what genre you’re interested in. If you were approved for any of these books on NetGalley, you can read them directly in your NetGalley Shelf app. Don’t forget to leave a review!

The Change by Kirsten Miller

Kirsten Miller gives The Witches of Eastwick a modern spin in this tale of three Long Island women on the hunt for a killer. Menopause ushers in magic for Nessa, Harriett, and Jo—who all discover that growing older means growing into their powers. It’s a good thing, too. Once they discover the body of a teenage girl on the beach, they realize they’ll need all of their combined skills and tricks to solve the case, especially as clues begin to point toward the town’s wealthiest residents.

The Bride Goes Rogue by Joanna Shupe

Historical romance readers (and anyone looking for their Gilded Age fix) won’t want to miss Joanna Shupe’s latest entry in the Fifth Avenue Rebels series. Tired of waiting on a wedding that will never happen, Katherine Delafield sets out to explore New York City’s scandalous side. It’s there she collides with her fiance, Preston Clarke. He’s determined to avoid marrying the woman his father set him up with, but when he meets Katherine, all bets are off.

Siren Queen by Nghi Vo

Nghi Vo’s latest work transports readers to the early days of Hollywood with a speculative fiction twist. Luli Wei knows that there are dangers lurking around every corner of Tinseltown, from predatory producers to magic that binds stars to anyone who possesses their true name. Still, Luli is determined to become a star and uses her sister’s name as she navigates the road to the fame she craves and the price that comes with it.

The Favor by Nora Murphy

NetGalley members have been raving about Nora Murphy’s domestic suspense debut. Leah Dawson and McKenna Hawkins cross paths at a liquor store, though McKenna doesn’t realize it when Leah follows her home. Leah senses that McKenna is like her and her suspicions are confirmed when she witnesses McKenna’s husband’s violent behavior. When he oversteps, Leah intervenes and changes both her and McKenna’s lives forever.

Flip the Script by Lyla Lee

Lyla Lee’s contemporary YA novel is perfect for Korean drama fans. Aspiring actress Hana is thrilled to land the starring role in a new K-drama, even if it means faking a relationship with K-pop idol Bryan to help the show’s ratings. But when the network brings in Minjee, her former best friend, to act as her on-screen rival, the show’s love triangle hits a little too close to home. Bryan’s feelings for Hana seem to be growing, but Hana can’t stop thinking about Minjee.

An Olive Grove in Ends by Moses McKenzie

Moses McKenzie takes readers to an immigrant neighborhood in Bristol, England in this novel that The Guardian named one of the Top 10 Debuts of the Year. Sayon Hughes grew up dreaming of owning a house outside of the city, but every day that dream feels further away. When protecting his cousin ends in violence, Sayon fears what will happen if his girlfriend ever learns of what he did. Under pressure from his girlfriend’s pastor father, Sayon moves in with them, sparking thoughts about what he wants from his future, his faith, and his family.

Under Fortunate Stars by Ren Hutchings

Time and space collide in Ren Hutchings’ sci-fi debut. The research vessel Gallion follows a distress call that leads them to the freighter Jonah, the ship that famously carried a group of Peacemakers who ended the war between humans and the Felen 152 years ago. Admittedly, the group aboard the Jonah is nothing like how historical records described them. Still, there’s no time for questions and the Gallion crew must get the Jonah to the right timeline or risk the war never ending.

From Bad to Cursed by Lana Harper

Enemies find common ground in this new romantic fantasy. Everyone in Thistle Grove knows that there’s no love lost between Issa Avramov and Rowan Thorn. So when Rowan’s land is damaged and a member of his family hurt by dark magic, suspicious eyes fall on Issa. To clear her name, Issa teams up with Rowan to find out who is truly targeting the Thorn family.

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas

You may recognize this cover from our roundup of must-read 2022 historical fiction. This debut from Isabel Cañas is a suspenseful gothic tale set after the Mexican War of Independence. Beatriz accepts a proposal from Rodolfo after losing her home and father in the war. But once she arrives at Hacienda San Isidro, his country estate, Beatriz realizes that Rodolfo isn’t who he seems to be.

An Unreliable Magic by Rin Chupeco

Rin Chupeco continues the A Hundred Names for Magic trilogy with this action-packed second installment. A hero’s work is never done—a lesson Tala and her crew learn after saving Avalon. As the Snow Queen regroups, Tala learns of a powerful weapon known as the Nameless Sword, which could change everything. New readers will want to start with book one, while series fans can dive in on May 3!

Which May release are you most excited for?

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