LGBTQ+ Audiobooks for Your TBR

Get your headphones out, readers! You won’t want to miss these LGBTQ+ audiobooks. Some are available now, while others are publishing over the next few months—ensuring you’ll have plenty of great reads to listen to through the end of 2021.

All the Water I’ve Seen is Running by Elias Rodriques, narrated by Landon Woodson

Landon Woodson narrates Elias Rodriques’ debut novel, which explores race, class, and sexuality through the lens of Daniel, who returns to his childhood home after the death of a high school friend. Though Daniel and Aubrey had lost touch over the years, he’s rocked by the news that she’s passed and makes his way from New York to Florida to pay his respects. Along the way, he reunites with old friends, thinks back on their youth spent together, and contemplates the meaning of home.

Cool for the Summer by Dahlia Adler, narrated by Natalie Naudus

We have heart-eyes for this cover and audiobook. Dahlia Adler’s latest finds high schooler Lara torn. On the one hand, she seemingly has everything she always wanted: an amazing group of friends, a job she enjoys, and the guy of her dreams. She’s been crushing on football star Chad ever since freshman year. So why can’t she stop thinking about Jasmine, the girl she spent a romantic whirlwind summer with? Readers who enjoy Natalie Naudus’ narration should make sure to check out her hilarious TikTok channel.

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers, narrated by York Whitaker

Twenty-eight-year-old Grace Porter has a PhD in astronomy and not a clue of where she wants her life to go next. Between juggling her parents’ expectations and her own desires, she needs to blow off some steam and hits Vegas with some friends. When the night ends with a surprise wedding, Grace decides to follow her new wife to New York City. York Whitaker narrates Grace’s journey of self-discovery as she decides what her future holds on her own terms.

Out of Character by Annabeth Albert, narrated by Kirt Graves, Joel Froomkin

Narrators Kirt Graves and Joel Froomkin return for the second installment in Annabeth Albert’s True Colors series. This romance reunites childhood friends Jasper and Milo, who fell out in high school and now are forced to help each other. As they work together, Milo starts to realize how much of himself he’s held back to please others and, with Jasper’s support, how freeing it can be to show the world who you are.

The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri, narrated by Shiromi Arserio

Looking to be transported to a world full of danger and magic? Let Shiromi Arserio’s narration whisk you away. The Jasmine Throne is the first in Tasha Suri’s new trilogy, and takes place in a world inspired by Indian history and stories. The imprisoned princess Malini is desperate to escape from her brother’s control and realizes that help might have come to her in the form of Priya, a maidservant who possesses magical abilities.

The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons, narrated by Jamie K. Brown

Isaac Fitzsimons’ debut YA novel follows trans teenager Spencer Harris. Spencer is currently passing at his new school, but everything changes when a transphobic law benches him for the soccer season based on his birth certificate. Spencer must decide if he’ll root for his teammates from the bench, or fight for his right to get back on the field. Spencer’s story is brought to life by narrator Jamie K. Brown, a 19-year-old trans actor and voice over artist.

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