21 Romances from 2021 to Leave You Swooning

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Are you ready to fall in love? We’ve got the perfect match for you. Below you’ll find 21 romance novels from 2021 that are sure to leave you swooning. Some are on shelves now, while others are currently available for request on NetGalley and can be read in your NetGalley Shelf app. Whether you prefer worlds tinged with magic, historical romps, modern fairytales, or rom-coms, there’s a book here for you! What are you waiting for? Happily ever after starts with the turn of a page.

Exposed by Kristen Callihan

Bassist Rye Peterson can’t get his publicist Brenna James out of his head. When he overhears her confession of loneliness, he wants to be the one who makes her feel better. Brenna agrees to a fling, but Rye knows this is his chance to show her just how perfect they could be together.

The Perks of Loving a Wallflower by Erica Ridley

Thomasina “Tommy” Wynchester never lets anything get between her and solving a case. Decoding a military cipher? No problem. Switching into disguise at the drop of a hat? Easy. Keeping her heart intact while working with Miss Philippa York? To be determined. 

Donut Fall in Love by Jackie Lau

Actor Ryan Kwok’s latest rom-com movie was a dud, but he hopes that starring in a celebrity episode of Baking Fail can help give him a boost. Now all he needs is to convince Lindsay McLeod, a Toronto local and baker extraordinaire, to give him lessons.

Witch Please by Ann Aguirre

Titus Winnaker is cursed and positive that he’s destined to be alone. When he meets Danica Waterhouse, the witch who owns the magical shop three blocks over from his bakery, he’s utterly enchanted. Danica, however, is skeptical about an HEA between a witch and a mundane.

A Thorn in the Saddle by Rebekah Weatherspoon

The third romance in Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Cowboys of California series draws inspiration from Beauty and the Beast. Ranch owner Jesse Pleasant believes he’s cursed to be alone, but when he meets tech consultant Lily-Grace he wonders if fate might have different plans.

Never Fall for Your Fiancée by Virginia Heath

Hugh Standish has a perfect plan for stopping his matchmaking mother’s attempts to marry him off—hire a fake fiancée! Minerva Merriwell and her sisters arrive at his estate ready to play their roles for his visiting mother, and he soon realizes he’s in danger of actually falling for Minerva.

First Love, Take Two by Sajni Patel

Between residency, finding a job, and her loving-yet-overbearing family, Preeti Patel has a plate full of responsibilities. She hopes her new apartment can be a place to relax and unwind, but those dreams are dashed when she realizes that her new roommate is Daniel Thompson, her ex.

Last Guard by Nalini Singh

Readers looking for a paranormal romance won’t want to miss the fifth installment of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling Trinity, which follows Payal Rao and Canto Mercant as they work together to stabilize the dying psychic network and save the Psy race.

All the Feels by Olivia Dade

When actor Alex Woodroe’s rash behavior threatens his career in television, he’s assigned to Lauren Clegg, a former ER therapist. Lauren is expected to keep him in line, a task easier said than done as she battles her own growing feelings for Alex. 

The Viscount Made Me Do It by Diana Quincy

Thomas Ellis believes that bonesetter Hanna Zaydan holds a key to discovering who killed his parents, and he isn’t above seducing her for the information. But with each visit to her office, he fears he’s losing the ability to keep his feelings for Hanna separate from his mission.

Battle Royal by Lucy Parker

Four years ago London pastry chef Dominic De Vere voted Sylvie Fairchild off Operation Cake, a hit baking show. He never expected that one day he’d be competing against her himself for the honor of baking a cake for Princess Rose’s wedding and getting charmed by her along the way.

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper

Emmy Harlow is intrigued when she learns that Talia Avramov is seeking revenge against a man who broke both of their hearts. When Talia invites Emmy into her scheme, Emmy can’t resist. But is it vengeance she’s after, or an excuse to spend more time with the enchanting Talia?

If You Love Something by Jayce Ellis

DeShawn Franklin’s life comes to a stop when his grandmother reveals that she’s dying and leaving her estate to him and his ex. When his uncle decides to contest the will, DeShawn and Malik must pretend to have reconciled and it isn’t long before sparks fly between them again.

Portrait of a Scotsman by Evie Dunmore

Financier Lucian Blackstone thinks that marrying his business rival’s daughter, Hattie Greenfield, could be his ticket to finally starting his political career. What the Scotsman doesn’t expect is to find his new wife so utterly charming.

Uncharted by Adriana Anders

Readers looking for suspense should pick up the second installment in the Survival Instincts series. Pilot Leo Eddowes is tasked with evacuating Elias Thorne from the Alaskan wilderness, but their takeoff plans are sidelined by a dangerous group of hunters.

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

Nine years ago, Vivienne Jones placed a hex on the man who broke her heart. She assumed little would come of it, until Rhys Penhallow returns to town and chaos follows in his wake. Now Vivi and Rhys have to work together to break the curse before disaster strikes.

How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K.M. Jackson

Bethany Lu Carlisle is on a mission: She’s traveling from New York to LA to convince her celebrity crush to call off his wedding. Along for the ride is her best friend Truman Erikson. As the miles fly by, Lu starts to wonder if the love of her life has been right at her side all along.

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Single mom Jess Davis trusts numbers and science, so when she hears about a matchmaking company that uses DNA to pair couples, she’s intrigued. But she grows skeptical when she’s matched with Dr. River Pena, who is 100% wrong for her, no matter what the data says.

Rules for Heiresses by Amalie Howard

Lady Ravenna Huntley will do anything to escape marriage—even running away. When a night at a gaming hell finds her face-to-face with a former betrothed, and they’re discovered in a compromising position, Ravenna and Lord Courtland Chase must marry.

The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

Tech genius Charlie Winshaw believes appearing as an eligible bachelor on the dating show Ever After might help him rehab his image. But dating 20 women at once on TV is far harder than he thought, especially when he can’t keep his eyes off of the show’s producer, Dev Deshpande.

The Dating Dare by Jayci Lee

It’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings in Jayci Lee’s latest. A round of Truth or Dare takes a turn when Tara Park agrees to four no-strings-attached dates with Seth Kim, her best friend’s handsome brother-in-law, before he leaves for Paris in a month.

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