September’s Most-Anticipated Books

Look no further for your next read. The amount of great new books hitting shelves each month can be overwhelming but we’ve rounded up ten of the buzziest books coming out this September—no matter what genre you’re interested in. Have you read any of these new releases? If not, you’ll want them on your TBR!

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

The wait is over: Susanna Clarke captivated readers with her 2004 novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and now she’s returned with a tale set in an alternative reality. Through journal entries Piranesi shares the ins and outs of the House where he lives with another person, known only as the Other. The House is limitless, with endless rooms, hallways, and walls. But it also holds secrets and clues to Piranesi’s forgotten past.

Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

Readers who loved Homegoing will not want to miss the latest from Yaa Gyasi. Transcendent Kingdom transports readers to Huntsville, Alabama, where a family of Ghanian immigrants are now living. The narrative moves between the past and present, following American-born Gifty through her childhood and into her neuroscience studies at Stanford School of Medicine. Gyasi explores the grief that’s settled over Gifty and her mother since the death of her brother, and the lines between science and faith that Gifty examines as she tries to make sense of what’s happened.

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

Naomi Novik is back this fall with a fantasy novel sure to enchant readers. The first in a trilogy, A Deadly Education takes place at Scholomance, a magical boarding school that forces sorcerers to battle monsters to graduate. El is a year away from graduation, but already making plans for how she’ll come out on top. Unfortunately, her classmate Orion Lake keeps getting in her way. When danger comes to the school, the two must team up if they hope to survive.

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone

Nic Stone’s highly-anticipated follow-up to Dear Martin features Justyce’s friend Quan. Accused of shooting a police officer, Quan is awaiting his trial in a holding cell after entering a not guilty plea. He spends his time writing letters to Justyce, slowly revealing how he got there. Stone explores coerced confessions, the prejudice in the justice system, and more in this YA novel.

Well Played by Jen DeLuca

Jen DeLuca’s Renaissance Faire-set romance series continues with Well Played. Stacey Lindholm moved back to Willow Creek to care for her sick mother, putting her fashion merchandising career on hold. In the blink of an eye nearly five years passed, and now Stacey finds herself wanting to break out of the boring routine she’s built for herself. Finding “the one” is part of her plan, and after nine months of messaging back and forth with her annual Faire fling, she thinks she’s found him. Until she realizes her fling isn’t the one she’s been talking to and must uncover just who she’s been falling in love with.

The Last Story of Mina Lee by Nancy Jooyoun Kim

Nancy Jooyoun Kim’s debut looks at the bond between a mother and daughter. Margot Lee discovers her mother has passed when she finally makes an overdue visit to see her. Though Mina’s death was ruled accidental, Margot still finds herself searching for answers amongst her mother’s belongings. It’s then she begins to realize how little she truly knew about her mom. Through Mina’s belongings and flashbacks, both Margot and readers learn about the life Mina led and how it brought her from Korea to California.

Three Single Wives by Gina LaManna

A Los Angeles book club serves up revenge in this mystery from Gina LaManna. Chapters begin with a transcript of a murder trial, though the author doesn’t reveal the victim or the accused until later. It’s up to the reader to study Anne Wilkes, Eliza Tate, and Penny Sands (who each tell their side of the story in alternating points of view) and try to discover how their book club meeting began as a normal night of discussing literature and drinking wine and ended with a cheating husband dead.

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Bree Matthews is looking to escape after the death of her mother, and leaps at the chance to be part of a residential program at a college for high school students. Her first night there, a flying demon attacks campus, which sparks long-dormant magic in Bree she didn’t realize she possessed. Her newfound abilities make her realize that her mother’s death may not have been the accident the police claimed, and she decides to use her powers to find answers.

Her Night with the Duke by Diana Quincy

The first book in Diana Quincy’s Clandestine Affairs series follows an Anglo-Arab widow who starts to fall for the duke courting her step-daughter. Lady Delilah Chambers and Elliot Townsend, Duke of Huntington, shared a passionate night trapped together at a country inn. They part ways, never expecting to see each other again, but fate brings them together the very next day at Delilah’s stepson’s estate. Delilah and Elliot can’t deny the fire between them, even as they try to fight it.

Don’t Look for Me by Wendy Walker

This psychological thriller splits the narrative between a missing mother and the daughter searching for her. Five years after the death of her young daughter Annie, Molly Clarke disappears. The only clue she leaves behind is a note in a hotel room urging her family not to look for her. Nicole, Molly’s 21-year-old daughter, doesn’t listen. She begins to search for her mother, along the way learning that another woman from their town also vanished without a trace. Nicole begins to wonder if the two cases are connected.

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