5 Audiobooks to Read Before the End of the Year

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Looking to end your year with audiobooks? We thought so! Below you’ll find five audiobooks to read before the end of 2021. A few are even available for request on NetGalley! Click on the cover to request and start listening in the NetGalley Shelf app. If you’re looking to start your 2022 with audiobooks, we have recs for that too.

They Can’t Take Your Name by Robert Justice, narrated by J.D. Jackson

Robert Justice’s debut is a legal drama following a daughter’s fight to free her wrongly incarcerated father. Langston Brown has served ten years on death row in Colorado. His daughter Liza is in her final year at law school and pulls together a team to create a case that will prove her father’s innocence. But when Langston’s execution date is scheduled, time seems to be running out. Luckily, Liza’s newest recruit might have some insider intel that could change everything.

An Heiress’s Guide to Deception and Desire by Manda Collins, narrated by Mary Jane Wells

Manda Collins returns this fall with the second book in her Lady’s Guide romance series. Lord Valentine Thorn and Miss Caroline Hardcastle ended their short betrothal four years ago, but fate brings them back together again when Caro’s friend is kidnapped and she’s forced to seek help from Val. Narrator ​​Mary Jane Wells is beloved by historical romance readers—and for good reason!—making this a must-listen for fans of the genre.

No Gods, No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull, narrated by Dion Graham

This first book in the Convergence Saga follows multiple protagonists in the aftermath of humanity learning that monsters exist—from Laina learning that her late brother was a werewolf to Rebecca fighting to protect her pack. Cadwell Turnbull’s latest was already one of our fall-must reads, and pairing Turnbull’s craft with Dion Graham’s stellar narration truly makes this a winning combination.

Seven Dirty Secrets by Natalie D. Richards, narrated by Natasha Soudek

Cleo’s 18th birthday takes a sinister turn in this young adult thriller. While home alone she discovers a threatening invitation to a scavenger hunt. With the help of her best friend Hope, Cleo follows the clues laid out for her. Her desire to reach the end of the hunt becomes more frantic as she realizes that the clues seem to connect to her late boyfriend Cyrus, who drowned exactly a year ago.

Harsh Times by Mario Vargas Llosa, narrated by Ian Guerra

Peruvian Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa transports readers to 1950s Guatemala in his latest novel. With the help of the CIA and Eisenhower administration, Carlos Castillo Armas overthrows Guatemalan president Jacobo Árbenz in a coup. Soon the rumors spread across both countries about Árbenz’s ties to communism. Throughout Vargas Llosa explores the thin line between fiction and reality both by blending historical facts with imagined scenarios and looking at the ways a lie impacted a nation.

What’s your favorite audiobook from 2021?

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