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Look no further for your next read. The amount of great new books hitting shelves each month can be overwhelming but we’ve rounded up ten of the buzziest books coming out this December—no matter what genre you’re interested in. If you were approved for any of these books on NetGalley, you can read them directly in your NetGalley Shelf app. Don’t forget to leave a review!

The Vibrant Years by Sonali Dev

No one can know that 65-year-old Bindu Desai just won the lottery. In an effort to keep the secret, she spends the winnings on a condo in Florida. Her choice ripples out to impact Aly, Bindu’s live-in daughter-in-law who tries to see the situation as an opportunity to go after what she’s always wanted at work, and Cullie, Aly’s daughter who is dealing with a crisis after promising investors a dating app when she’s never even been on a date. Readers looking to close their reading year with a moving and funny generational tale will want this book at the top of their TBR.

No Accident by Laura Bates

Survival takes precedence when seven teens crash land on a deserted island the night after a party. The normal cliques and popularity tiers of their high school fade away as they try to make plans for what comes next. But no one expects that their biggest challenge will be evading the killer in their midst. YA readers who love locked-room thrillers won’t want to miss this.

Never Cross a Highlander by Lisa Rayne

When Kallum MacNeill accidentally kidnaps a woman he thought he was helping, he vows to help her get home safely. But Ailsa Connery isn’t making that easy on him—not with the way her beauty distracts him or her smart mouth challenges and baits him into verbal sparring matches. It’s a long way from Stirling Castle back to Ailsa’s clan and somewhere across those miles, Kallum finds himself losing his heart.

The Risen City by Isabelle Steiger

Fans of Isabelle Steiger’s Paths of Lantistyne series can get their hands on the third and final book near the end of next month. New readers will want to start with book one, The Empire’s Ghost, while those familiar with the series can dive right in to see if the conquering Imperator Elgar will be taken down as the rogues from the Dragon’s Head fight against his forces.

The Den by Cara Reinard

What’s the holiday season without a bit of psychological suspense? Stefan Fox forced his children to compete with each other all their lives, and now that he’s on his deathbed, his oldest daughter Valerie is hoping that the siblings can heal their fractured relationships. But Stefan’s reminder that fewer siblings means a larger share of the inheritance he’s leaving behind sets the four Fox siblings at odds once again. When an accident occurs, Valerie isn’t sure who in her family she can trust.

Cursed Bunny by Bora Chung, translated by Anton Hur

Don’t let that cute bunny on the cover fool you, Korean author Bora Chung’s debut is a unique and chilling collection of fables that blend genres. The ten stories feature everything from a fox that bleeds gold and can enact curses to a woman falling for an artificial companion to a home that holds a secret for a woman underappreciated by her husband. Through them, Chung explores feminism, capitalism, the impact of technology on our lives, and more!

How to Win a Wallflower by Samara Parish

Regency romance readers are in for a treat this December! Samara Parish continues the Rebels with a Cause series with a third installment following an inventor who falls for his best friend’s sister. John Barnesworth is in over his head. He’s recently inherited his brother’s title and all of the debt that comes with it. Marrying his late brother’s fiancée would solve his financial woes, but he can’t seem to take his focus off of Lady Charlotte Stirling.

My Darkest Prayer by S. A. Cosby

S. A. Cosby’s debut is getting a brand new edition this winter, complete with an introduction from the author. This small-town crime thriller follows Nathan Waymaker, a former marine and sheriff’s deputy who now works at his cousin’s funeral home. When a group of parishioners come to Nathan after their minister is found dead, he agrees to help without realizing that his investigation will dig up dark secrets hiding in their town.

A Fractured Infinity by Nathan Tavares

How far would you go to save the one you love? Hayes Figueiredo grapples with that in this sci-fi debut. Hayes and Yusuf are soulmates—at least in a parallel universe. In this one, they’re a filmmaker and a scientist brought together by a machine that can predict the future. As they work together, love forms between them, and when tragedy strikes, Hayes uses the machine to bring a Yusuf from another universe into his own—sparking a chain of events that affects an infinite number of universes.

Nine Liars by Maureen Johnson

YA readers can never go wrong picking up a Maureen Johnson mystery. While the rest of her classmates focus on their college applications and future, senior Stevie Bell is looking into the past—specifically a cold case from 1995 where two friends were murdered when a group of intoxicated Cambridge University students played a game of hide-and-seek at a house party. With a witness claiming to have seen something and six others to interview, Stevie has her hands full.

Which December release are you most excited for?

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