A banner with scrapbook paper and text that reads Announcing the NetGalley Reading Journal. There is a kindle showing the cover of the Reading Journal, stickers, and two sample pages.

Looking for a creative way to track your reading for the year? Introducing the NetGalley Reading Journal! 

The NetGalley Reading Journal is a free digital PDF that you can download, edit, and customize to track your reading. There are pages to write reviews, participate in reading challenges, track habits, and more!

How do I use a digital reading journal?

Experienced digital journalers can download their journal and upload it to the app of their choice.

For readers new to the digital journaling space, we recommend first consulting the User Guide for the NetGalley Reading Journal. This short PDF offers an overview of the free apps we recommend using to edit your journal (Goodnotes and Xodo), insight into why we prefer using a tablet device, and helpful answers to common FAQs!

Is the journal customizable?

Yes! You can duplicate and upload new pages, fill in the prompts in the ways you need or interpret them, and (our favorite part) use our free sticker bundles to add personality to every page.

Take your pick or download all three:

Where can I download the NetGalley Reading Journal?

Readers can download the journal on NetGalley! Simply tap the Read Now button, followed by the Download button, to receive the PDF. Once you’ve pressed Read Now, the NetGalley Reading Journal will appear alongside all your other NetGalley books on Your Shelf within your NetGalley account, should you need to download the PDF again in the future. 

This journal has been lovingly crafted by the We Are Bookish team as a gift to NetGalley members—a thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to book advocacy. Use it to achieve your reading goals and have fun along the way. We hope you enjoy using this bookish treat as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

Share your progress and pages with us by using #NetGalleyReadingJournal on social media.

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