15 Bookish Influencers to Follow on TikTok

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Do you love finding your next read based on the recommendation of a book influencer? We do too. We rounded up 15 bookish influencers who are a part of the BookTok community. New to TikTok? We’ve shared everything you need to know about the platform and its content below. Read on and give these content creators some love.


What is BookTok?
BookTok is the affectionate name given to the bookish community on TikTok, which is one of the latest and fastest-growing social media platforms to promote books. TikTok videos are short 15 or 60 second videos that can be combined with effects and sound overlays. You can find BookTok videos by searching the #BookTok hashtag. When you interact with TikTok videos of a specific subject the algorithm will remember that and show similar videos in your For You Page stream that you can swipe up through. 


What content can you expect to see?
TikTok is a fun platform because the possibilities are endless for video content. You’ll find everything from book recommendations videos, skits based on books, book fan art, book reviews, and general bookish humor. There are always new trends and styles that are finding popularity.


What genres are popular?
The genres and books featured are ever-growing and changing as more creators join the platform. Readers are most interested in commercial and genre-focused fiction such as fantasy, romance, thrillers, and YA. 


Who is using TikTok as a platform to talk about books?
Publishers have added TikTok for many of their different imprints to promote books and connect with readers. YA Imprints such as PenguinTeen, Epic Reads, and Novl have succeeded in creating TikTok videos that build upon their social branding and hook the YA readers that are on TikTok for book recommendations. You can also find BookishFirst (our giveaway platform for consumer reviewers) creating TikToks promoting books on their site. 

Authors have also formed their own community called AuthorTok, where they share humorous videos about the craft of writing, their books, book recommendations, and advice on writing and publishing. Some authors you can find on the platform are Alisha Rai, Chloe Gong, Sara Raasch, Casey McQuiston, Victoria Lee, Victoria Aveyard, and Claribel Ortega.

Which book influencers should you be following on BookTok?
Romance readers probably know Jess from Booktube and Bookstagram, but she’s now sharing book recommendations on TikTok!

@peacelovebooksxoI swear I don’t have a problem 😂 #booktok #romancebooks #bookworm #books #foryou #fyp♬ Original sound – CosplayGoth

Love YA fantasy? Nawell has a book recommendation for you!

@gameofbooksEnemies to Lovers: my favorite trope and thank you sm for 1.4K!! #books #booktok #bookrecommendations #booklovers #enemiestolovers #fyp #Wishlist♬ original sound – 14.4k Dylan O’Brien Simps <3

In 60 seconds, Meara can share an in-depth book review that will make you want to pick up a book ASAP.

@mearaisreadingMy thoughts on The Lost Apothecary from last month’s #BOTM!! 🥀 #bookreview #bookofthemonth #thelostapothecary♬ original sound – Meara (she/her)

Alaina talks about her love for reading and how her ADHD and dyslexia can make that challenging in her BookToks.

@the_dyslexic_readerAnswer to @nadia_signs Word on the street is dyslexia makes you hotter idk just what I heard #dyslexicreader♬ original sound – Alaina

Camille’s bookish lip-syncs are next-level funny!

@the.ones.about.books#duet with @the.ones.about.books Especially in audiobooks i’ll GET INTO IIIT #booktok #reader #acting #bookworm #audiobooks #bookish #booknerd♬ original sound – SunriseMusic

Maya shares excellent book recommendations from authors of color ranging from middle grade to adult.

@maya.readsyeah i’m still obsessed with this sound #bookrecs #southasian #middleeastern♬ original sound – Shevya Awasthi

Booktuber Madison Mary shares her love for manga, fantasy, and romance in her BookToks.

@princessofpaperbackMagic Girl Manga recs that ARENT Sailor Moon (these are my OG favourites) #magicalgirl #mangarecommendations #sailormoon #mermaidmelody #tokyomewmew♬ original sound – Justin

You may recognize the handle literaryxqueen from Bookstagram. Ana and her gorgeous shelves have made their way to the BookTok community to share even more fantastic book recommendations.

@literaryxqueenno, you can’t borrow my books 😅 #booktok #bookish #bookobsessed #fyp♬ original sound – Ian McConnell

After seeing one BookTok in December, Jamilah started voraciously reading again and shares her rekindled love of reading.

@jamilahaguayoIf I had a permit for everytime I’ve heard this 🙃 #booktoks #booktok #bookrecommendations #bookishbaes #bookishbaes♬ Show you what you missin – Merrickbeaumont

Looking for romance recommendations at a varying level of steam? Pauline has got you covered!

@thebooksiveloved#sponsored 5 romance books you don’t see on #booktok 💕 #bookrecommendations#enemiestolovers#forbiddenlove#readromance #booklover @penguinrandomhouse♬ original sound – pauline (she/her) ☀️🌙

Laura’s skits and unique takes on standard bookish content are not to be missed, especially her musical book review of Honey Girl.

@lauraslibraryyINSANELY good book 😍 You can still get yours from BOTM! #BOTM #musical #bookreview #bookofthemonth #honeygirl♬ original sound – Laura 🌼

If Jaysen’s BookTok videos don’t make you hysterically laugh, I don’t know what will.

@ezeekatAll reading is valid here! #booktok #reading #books #manga #comicbook #audiobook #thisisyoursign #read #comfy♬ original sound – Jaysen Headley

Cait is one of the originators of the BookTok community and their bookshelves give us major Belle vibes.

@caitsbooksSome of these you might be able to predict #collectorcheck #booktok #books #bookshelf #bookcollector♬ Collector Check – Samantha

Barnes & Noble Millbury shares book recommendations from their booksellers in a unique way with their TikTok.

@bnmillburyBN Monthly picks! April will be announced next week! #booktok #bookrec #books #reading #bookrecommendations♬ Fadeaway – TikTok

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