20 Bookish Stickers for Decorating Your E-Reader

A flatlay of an e-reader with three stickers on it

Want to know what a NetGalley member’s favorite accessory is? Their e-reader, of course! Like any good accessory, an e-reader can be customized with stickers to show off your reader personality—from favorite genres and books to your preferred reading beverage. Here are 20 bookish stickers to decorate your e-reader with!

This sticker captures our perfect summer day.

Perhaps the cutest bookstore in existence.

With these two essentials, you’re set!

Show off your support for libraries with this sticker.

We’d kill to have this one on our e-reader.

This sticker is Rory Gilmore approved!

We have hearts in our eyes for this rainbow stack.

A lie we tell ourselves every night.

Carry the Night Court with you wherever you go.

All PBS kids know that having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.

There’s so much nostalgia packed into this one.

This paint swatch inspired by morally grey characters is too clever.

Disney’s most iconic bookworm deserves a spot on your e-reader.

This is an adorable warning to anyone thinking of approaching you.

Can’t decide on just one? This sticker sheet has great options!

Last but not least, a sticker that rings true.

Which stickers are you adding to your e-reader?

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Kelly Gallucci

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