17 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

We’ll take any excuse to celebrate our love of the written word, and National Book Lovers Day (August 9) gives us a great one. Here are some of our favorite ways to get in the bookish spirit. Let us know in the comments below how you plan to celebrate this weekend!

Host your own book club
Book clubs aren’t just about the wine and cheese (though we love those too), they’re about coming together and joining in stimulating conversation about your favorite reads. Ask some friends if they want to join a virtual call to talk about a mutual favorite book or author, or even just to discuss what everyone is currently reading! Want to make it a regular event? We’ve got some tips how on how to host a virtual book club meeting, how to start a book club, and book club kits!


Attend an event
Authors, publishers, librarians, booksellers, and readers have been hard at work creating amazing virtual and in-person events. From interviews to games to in-depth discussions, no matter what you’re looking for you can find an event to match!


Support your local indie
Stop by your favorite bookstore to pick up some new books! If you don’t have a local indie, check out virtual storefronts on Bookshop. Remember: Buying books isn’t the only way to support your local bookstore—here’s a list of more ideas!


Patronize your local library
Libraries put on incredible summer events, so head over to see what your branch has planned for the week and maybe borrow some books while you’re there. Don’t forget to see what digital libraries (such as Libby, Overdrive, and Hoopa) are connected to your local branch and then borrow to your heart’s content. 


Fill your feed with amazing readers
Fellow bookworms have the best recommendations, and an easy way to stay up-to-date on exciting new releases is to ensure your social media feeds are filled with great readers. 


Listen in
Spend the day with an audiobook! There are so many great ways to listen: Libro.fm (which allows you to support your local bookstore), your local library’s digital catalog, or through the NetGalley Shelf app!


Celebrate your favorite author
Send some reader fan mail! Snap a pic of their books for Instagram! Join their Facebook group! There are tons of ways to show support for your favorite author and to connect with other readers who love their work. Here’s a list if you need some more ideas.


Reread an old favorite
Haven’t been to Pemberley in a while? Have you been absent from Middle-earth? Drop in on some old friends by rereading one of your favorite books.


Start the platform of your dreams
Have you been considering starting a blog, Booktube channel, BookTok, or Bookstagram? This is the perfect day to start! If it sounds daunting, don’t worry—we got you! Check out our tips on where to begin with each platform to help you out.


Start a buddy read
Call up your bookish BFF! A buddy read involves two (or more) people reading and discussing a book together—sort of like a mini book club. National Book Lovers Day is the perfect time to connect with a friend and start reading together.


Get a new bookcase
Are all of your beloved reads tucked away in boxes and corners? Browse for a fancy new bookcase to best show off your favorite works. If you don’t have space for a new bookcase, floating shelves or a book cart are great alternatives.


Organize your bookshelves
Spending the day working on your bookshelves is a great way to straighten up and to make a donation pile of books you no longer want or need. Plus for every book you give away, there’s more room for new ones! We’ve rounded up a few bookshelf organization options here.


Decorate your e-reader
Show your favorite reading device some love by decorating it with bookish stickers! Here are a few of our favorites.


Parting is such sweet sorrow, but there’s no better feeling than passing on a well-loved book. Look to see if there’s a Little Free Library in your area that you could give some books to. You can also donate funds to bookish charities: Book Industry Charity Foundation helps to support bookstore employees who are facing financial hardship. Make a donation here!


Watch an adaptation
Gather up your favorite snacks and settle in to watch a movie or TV show inspired by a book.  If you’re looking for a place to start, check out the NetGalley team’s favorite adaptations.


Leave a review
Set aside some time to review books you’ve read recently. Your reviews go a long way to help publishers, authors, and fellow readers—plus you can work on your NetGalley Feedback Ratio! We have tips here if you need help getting started.


Tune into a bookish podcast
If you love reading critically and analyzing books, then podcasts are for you! 


Speak up about book bans
Book bans and attempts at censorship are currently spreading across the U.S. and are disproportionately impacting diverse titles and authors from historically marginalized communities. Take time this week to research any bans happening in your community, reach out to your representatives, and learn ways to support your library. Find out more here!


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Kelly Gallucci

Kelly Gallucci is the Executive Editor of We Are Bookish, where she oversees the editorial content, offers book recommendations, and interviews authors and NetGalley members. When she's not working, Kelly can be found color coordinating her bookshelves, eating Chipotle, and watching way too many baking shows.

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  1. Also check with your Libray to see if they take donations. Some Libraries have Friends groups that may sell the donations to raise funds for the Library.

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