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Look no further for your next read. The amount of great new books hitting shelves each month can be overwhelming so we’ve rounded up ten books coming out next month that both the NetGalley team and members can’t wait for. If you were approved for any of these books on NetGalley, you can read them directly in your NetGalley Shelf app. Don’t forget to leave a review!

Happiness Falls by Angie Kim

Angie Kim wowed readers with Miracle Creek and now she’s back with another captivating story that blends familial drama and mystery with a deep meditation on happiness. College-aged Mia doesn’t think anything is wrong when her father and younger brother Eugene are late getting back from their walk. It isn’t until Eugene, who is nonverbal, arrives alone and covered in blood that Mia realizes something terrible must have happened.

Knockout by Sarah MacLean

It’s Barbenheimer summer and this historical romance featuring a bluestocking with a penchant for explosives is the perfect read after your double feature. In this sizzling installment in the Hell’s Belles romance series, the gig is up for Lady Imogen Loveless after her family learns that she’s been moonlighting as a vigilante. To keep her in line, they hire Thomas Peck, a straight-laced detective, to keep an eye on her. Imogen and her friends have been a thorn in Thomas’ side for quite some time, yet he can’t help but be drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

The Water Outlaws by S. L. Huang

One of our must-read books of the summer is S. L. Huang’s retelling of the 14th-century Chinese novel Water Margin. Lin Chong is many things, but a traitor isn’t one of them. After fending off an assault from a politically powerful (and vengeful) man, Lin Chong is stripped of her title as an arms instructor in the Emperor’s army and sent to prison. Luckily, she’s saved by the Liangshan bandits, a group made up of those existing on the fringes of society who use their combined skills to help others and right injustices.

After That Night by Karin Slaughter

The past comes back to haunt medical examiner Sara Linton in this chilling crime thriller from genre powerhouse Karin Slaughter. Fifteen years ago, Sara was assaulted on a night meant to be celebratory. She’s tried to put the memories behind her, but when she’s called on as the star witness in a trial against a young woman’s rapist, it all comes back to the surface. What’s even more haunting are the words “it’s all connected,” whispered to her by the defendant’s mother. The phrase sends Sara and her fiance, GBI investigator Will Trent, digging into both cases for new details.

Her Radiant Curse by Elizabeth Lim

Elizabeth Lim explores the cost of beauty and tests the bonds of sisterhood in this YA fantasy novel. Channi is cursed. As a child, she was sacrificed to the Demon Witch Angma in lieu of her newborn sister Vanna. Angma spared Channi, but at a cost: Channi must bare the face of a snake until she delivers Vanna to the witch before Vanna’s 17th birthday. But Channi loves Vanna and wants to protect her—a task that becomes even more challenging when Vanna’s betrothal contest turns into a battle royale.

The Breakaway by Jennifer Weiner

Summer is always better with a Jennifer Weiner book. This one follows Abby Stern, a 34-year-old preparing to marry her childhood sweetheart. Everything in Abby’s life is falling into place perfectly—so why is she feeling restless? When she’s called to run a bike trip from New York City to Niagara Falls, Abby jumps at the chance to get away and think. She never expects to run into a ghost from her past on the ride.

I’m Not Done with You Yet by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Close out your August reading with this suspenseful novel, featured in our summer preview. One bloody night severed the friendship between Oxford classmates Thalia and Jane. For years Jane searched for Thalia and a decade later she finds her: Thalia will be at a convention in New York to promote her latest book. It’s an opportunity that Jane can’t resist and soon she’s traveling across the country to surprise Thalia. If twisted tales of friendship and obsession are your jam, you’ll want to clear your schedule for this page-turner.

Marry Me by Midnight by Felicia Grossman

Felicia Grossman puts a spin on Cinderella in this Victorian-era romance. Synagogue custodian Aaron Ellenberg isn’t a dreamer, but when Isabelle Lira asks for his help investigating potential suitors in exchange for life-changing money, he starts to hope for a different future. But as he helps Isabelle arrange the marriage she needs to retain control of her father’s business, Aaron realizes that he’s fallen for the one person he can’t have. Consider yourself bibbidi bobbidi booked on August 8th when this hits shelves!

Whalefall by Daniel Kraus

Time is of the essence in this sci-fi thriller. After his estranged father drowns, Jay Gardiner suits up to make the risky dive into the ocean’s depths to retrieve his father’s remains. Once below the surface, he’s accidentally swallowed by a sperm whale. With only an hour’s worth of oxygen, Jay must find a way to escape the belly of the beast before his air supply runs out—all while hoping the whale doesn’t retreat to ocean depths where the pressure would crush him before he could hope to reach the surface.

Secrets Never Die by Vincent Ralph

Every Halloween Sam and four of his friends meet at a hut in the woods to share their darkest secrets. It seems like a harmless ritual, a way to ease their own minds by releasing a burden. But secrets have a way of getting out. When the group is overheard by the wrong person, they become the targets of increasingly sinister torment. YA readers looking for their next suspenseful read won’t be able to put this one down.

Which August release are you most excited about?


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