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Look no further for your next read. The amount of great new books hitting shelves each month can be overwhelming so we’ve rounded up ten books coming out next month that both the NetGalley team and members can’t wait for. If you were approved for any of these books on NetGalley, you can read them directly in your NetGalley Shelf app. Don’t forget to leave a review!

The Unsettled by Ayana Mathis

The best-selling author of The Twelve Tribes of Hattie returns this fall with a family saga that transports readers to 1980s Philadelphia and Bonaparte, Alabama. In Bonaparte, Dutchess is fighting against white developers to keep the town in the hands of the Black community who have lived there for generations. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, her estranged daughter Ava is searching for a way out of the shelter she’s staying at with her son Toussaint, who dreams of returning to Alabama.

The September House by Carissa Orlando

What would you sacrifice to live in your dream home? Margaret faces that question after moving in with her husband Hal to a gorgeous Victorian house that turns into a nightmare every September—complete with blood dripping down the walls and aggravated ghosts. Margaret is determined to stick around. What’s one month of haunting compared to eleven of living peacefully each year? But when Hal goes missing and their daughter turns up looking for answers, she’s forced to investigate the home’s deadly secrets.

The Golden Gate by Amy Chua

You may have spotted Amy Chua’s thriller in our roundup of must-read historical fiction novels. Set in California in 1944, this novel follows Homicide Detective Al Sullivan who becomes swept up in a cold case while investigating the assassination of a presidential candidate. Ten years earlier, a seven-year-old member of one of San Francisco’s wealthiest families died under mysterious circumstances. Both incidents occurred at the Claremont Hotel and Sullivan begins to suspect they may be connected.

A Shot in the Dark by Victoria Lee

This adult romance novel from Victoria Lee explores addiction, faith, and art through the lens of a bisexual artist and a trans photographer. Ely feels as though she’s living out the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy when her hook-up turns out to be her professor, reclusive art legend Wyatt Cole. The two agree that nothing more can happen between them, even after Ely drops Wyatt’s class, though when Wyatt agrees to mentor her, they find they have far more in common than they ever could’ve imagined.

This is How We End Things by R.J. Jacobs

This dark academic thriller is ideal for readers craving some psychological suspense this fall. At a school in North Carolina, Professor Joe Lyons is leading five graduate students in a close study of the science of lying—which has the side effect of making them all better at deception. When one of their group is killed and the rest trapped together by a snowstorm, they’ll need to put everything they’ve learned to the test to discover who in their midst is capable of murder.

Rouge by Mona Awad

Pitched as “Snow White” meets Eyes Wide Shut, Mona Awad’s gothic fairy tale takes an intimate look at the insidious side of the beauty industry. In the wake of her mother’s death, skincare-obsessed Belle returns to Southern California for the funeral. Once there, she’s invited to La Maison de Méduse, the spa her mother loved, and finds herself lured into the cult-like and lavish environment there. As she begins to recognize her mother’s obsession with youth and beauty, she fears she may fall victim to the same fate.

The Spirit Bares Its Teeth by Andrew Joseph White

Young adult readers counting down the days until the start of spooky season won’t want to miss out Andrew Joseph White’s sophomore novel—a gothic horror tale featuring a trans protagonist. After Silas Bell is unwillingly shipped off to Braxton’s Finishing School and Sanitorium, he begins to hear from the ghosts of girls who have gone missing there. Risking his own safety and survival, Silas begins to investigate what is truly happening at Braxton’s.

Mammoths at the Gates by Nghi Vo

Nghi Vo’s latest fantasy novella is a standalone installment in the Hugo Award-winning Singing Hills Cycle. After nearly three years away, Cleric Chih returns home to the Singing Hills Abbey after the death of their mentor Cleric Thien. When Cleric Thien’s granddaughters arrive on mammoths to demand his body be removed from its resting place so they can bring him home for burial, Cleric Chih must intervene and find a way to respect their mentor’s wishes and keep the mammoths from breaking down the abbey gates.

Thank You for Sharing by Rachel Runya Katz

Former friends (and current enemies) Daniel Rosenberg and Liyah Cohen-Jackson realize they have to play nice and work together after Daniel’s marketing firm is hired by the museum where Liyah works as a curator in this contemporary debut romance. As they spend more time together, Daniel and Liyah finally face what happened at summer camp 14 years earlier that tore apart their friendship and they start to realize there may still be something special between them.

The Name Drop by Susan Lee

YA author Susan Lee returns this fall with a tale of summer love and mistaken identities. Haneul Corporation interns Elijah Ri and Jessica Lee discover their housing and responsibilities swapped due to a mix-up over having the same Korean name. Elijah’s summer was supposed to involve a private brownstone and expectations heaped on his shoulders as the son of the CEO. When he realizes that Jessica was accidentally given all of this, he’s secretly thrilled and agrees with her that they should keep the swap to themselves. Bonded by their shared plan, sparks soon begin to fly between them.

Which September release are you most excited about?

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